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2023.06.06 05:47 Educational_Maize975 Should we delay everything (include study, work, and everything) until we retain for a long time and back in to it to get best result?

This thing keep struggle me, I think that I should quit all of thing I’m doing ( study, job, event) to wait the time when I’m at around 30-40 day and then back to the world. What do you guy think about this? Should we live lowkey and live recluse during retaining (semen retention, work out, eat healthy) and then go back to world?
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2023.06.06 05:46 HaykakanTxa Daily News Report: 6/5/2023

Date: 06/05/2023
Reading time: 6 minutes, 1249 words

Azerbaijan violates Nagorno Karabakh ceasefire, small arms fire reported in two directions

Azerbaijani military has violated the Nagorno Karabakh ceasefire with small arms fire, the defense ministry says. Small arms fire broke the ceasefire in the central and north-eastern directions of the line of contact.
Armenpress, Azerbaijani forces violate ceasefire – Artsakh MoD, Artsakh reports another ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan in the eastern and southeastern directions

Woman accused of attempting to kidnap Armenian PM’s son to be detained for 1.5 months

Gayane Hakobyan remanded into custody for 1,5 months. Ashot Pashinyan says woman tried to forcefully take him to military cemetery on May 18.

Armenia actively works around visa liberalization with EU – foreign minister

The visa liberalization issue is being actively discussed with the European Union, Foreign Minister Ararat Miroyan said on Monday. The issue is an item on the agenda of Armenia and EU members and Armenia is receiving support in almost all cases.

No final agreement on specific map for delimitation, says FM

There is no final agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan on which specific map will be used for border delimitation. Ararat Mirzoyan said that the 1975 map would be an acceptable solution for Armenia. He added that as far as he knows the Azerbaijani President didn't object to the map during the latest summit.
Armenpress, Azerbaijan needs to publicly confirm recognition of Armenia's 29,800 km2 territorial integrity - FM, Possible peace treaty won’t mention size of territories of Armenia and Azerbaijan - FM

Armenia works intensively with various countries to buy armaments – official

Armenia is in “intensive discussions” with many countries regarding the acquisition of new armaments. Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan said Armenia is taking into account the fact that Russia’s capacity is unable to export weapons now given its war with Ukraine.

2 new diplomatic representations opened in Armenia in 2022

Two new representations were established in Armenia in 2022, the foreign minister Ararat Mirzoyan told lawmakers during committee debates of the 2022 budget. Overall, Armenia has diplomatic representations in 90 countries, and has diplomatic relations with 178 states. In 2022 Armenia accredited four new non-resident ambassadors to Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and North Macedonia.

Armenia to exercise full border control on its side in case of unblocking, says Secretary of Security Council

Armenian authorities will be in charge of border control on their territory in case of unblocking. Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan said this has become clear for all partners involved in the regional connections’ unblocking process. Armenia’s position in this issue is very clear, he said in an interview with Public Television.

Customs duties from EEU budget drop, says Armenian finance minister

In 2022 Armenia received 28 billion dram less from the Eurasian Economic Union’s single customs budget compared to 2021, finance minister Vahe Hovhannisyan said. In 2021 that amount stood at 84 billion 839 million drams.

Armenia considers offers from several countries on building new nuclear power plant

The Armenian Government has set up a commission on nuclear energy which studies the global market to find the most appropriate offers. Director of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant Movses Vardanyan said that Armenia should begin considering the construction of a new power plant today.
Armenpress, New nuclear reactor for Metsamor to take 10-12 years and cost $3-5 billion, says expert

Toivo Klaar to visit Armenia

Toivo Klaar, the Special Representative of the European Union for the South Caucasus, is coming to Armenia. "I am leaving for Yerevan to monitor the fulfillment of EU obligations at a high level"

The session of the Committee of Secretaries of the CSTO Security Councils will be held in Minsk

Committee of Secretaries of the Security Councils of the Collective Security Treaty Organization will discuss challenges and threats in its zone of responsibility at the meeting to be held on June 8 in Minsk. Press secretary of CSTO Vladimir Zaynetdinov said the meeting will be held under the chairmanship of Alexander Volfovich.

Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan says maintains close contact with ex-FM Zohrab Mnatsakanyan

Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan says he maintains close contact with ex-foreign minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan. Member of Parliament Garnik Danielyan asked him whether or not he sought advice from his predecessors over the negotiations process with Azerbaijan.

Iranian national sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for drug trafficking in Armenia

Iranian national sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for being accessory to smuggling of 350kg of heroin. Iranian national was found guilty on all charges and handed over a 9-year sentence. Customs officials discovered heroin in February 2021 during customs control.

Washington to host another round of Armenia-Azerbaijan foreign ministerial talks

Armenia and Azerbaijan will continue negotiations on establishing relations and peace treaty. The next round of foreign ministerial talks is planned to take place in Washington, D.C. The talks will start on June 12.
Armenpress, Peace deal with Azerbaijan possible by year end, says Armenian top security official, Armenia, EU continue dialogue on visa liberalization, Foreign Minister says

Government of Armenia must try to ensure mechanism and platform for talks between Stepanakert and Baku, says FM

Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan says there are numerous unresolved issues regarding the security and rights of the people of Nagorno Karabakh/Artsakh. He said the authorities of Armenia must try to ensure the start of the dialogue, the mechanism and platform.

Nominations close for the 2024 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

The 2024 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity will be awarded on behalf of survivors of Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors. The nomination period opened on June 1, 2022, with the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative encouraging people all around the world to put forward modern-day heroes. In total, 730 submissions for 676 unique candidates have been received for the Prize.

Armenian, Azerbaijani FMs to hold new round of talks in Washington

Foreign Ministers Ararat Mirzoyan and Jeyhun Bayramov will hold another round of talks in Washington. New round of negotiations on peace treaty and establishment of diplomatic relation will start on June 12. The Foreign Ministers of the two countries last met in Moscow on May 19.

FLYONE ARMENIA achieves 400,000 passenger count in five months of 2023

FLYONE ARMENIA transported 400,000 passengers in the five months of 2023, the airline’s Chairman of the Board Aram Ananyan said. The airline is approaching the threshold of having a passenger count of 1,000,000 per year.
Armenpress, FLYONE ARMENIA to name aircraft in honor of composer Aram Khachatryan
Donations to Armenia:
Armenian Wounded Heroes
If you'd like to support me: Patreon
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2023.06.06 05:45 astrongtesticle Oil change

Hey guys I just wanted some help so I changed the oil for the first time by myself on a Mazda 3 2019. However, after driving for 10-15 mins I get low oil level warning. What did I do wrong I added some more oil and this time it took maybe 30-40 mins for the warning to come up again. I measured the oil and I know I put the right amount in. Plug and everything is also back on tight. Should I add a bit more oil or ?
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2023.06.06 05:40 edwardw818 High paying but stressful travel job, or decent pay but easy-going and close to family (kinda)?

BACKGROUND: I fulfill a specific niche not many people know the details about: I do quality assurance for cellular networks, and ensure the coverage, network speed, etc. are in spec. The work is 100% travel, and 95% of gigs are only for several months. I only did this line of work since it paid 3-4x my last job so that I could get back on my feet after a nasty divorce, pay off debt, reestablish my savings, and if the housing market wasn't a huge mess, buy a house; I don't want to do this line of work forever, and plan to go back to IT this fall.
I just got a call from my staffing agency for Item 1 below; both choices are NOT listed in order of preference.
  1. More money and adventure, but tedious:
Me and about 10 others did an FCC (government) mandated test last year in Alaska, but the passing criteria was fairly easy. A year later, they want our tests to meet a new, unrealistic criteria; I'm not sure how many sites we need to retest, but 80% of sites aren't up to spec and they want it retested.
The pay is VERY good for what's realistically 2-3 hours of work, all expenses paid despite being a 1099 contractor, so my take home pay is double the below... But it requires me to fly to a new village almost daily (which is often a Cessna 208, not a plush jumbo jet), and I'd literally have to camp (sleeping bag and all) in some villages. The bump in pay would be awesome and would help me a lot, but the new criteria makes it seem like I'm gonna regret it.
  1. Less pay, but slow, steady, and with family (sorta):
This current assignment deals with beta-testing firmware security and feature updates to cell towers. Although it's a 40 hour week, I only have a 15 minute commute. Its daily pay is a little more than standard assignments and NO expenses are covered, but the good thing is that I'm staying with a friend that considers me his brother and vice versa and I get along with him better than relatives by blood, only charges me dirt cheap rent (most of it goes to my share of utilities), and I even save more money by cooking.
As much as I'd like a surplus for furniture or even paying off my car, I'd have to give up a very easy position that I most likely won't get rehired a 3rd time for (I got canned over a misunderstanding and was out for a year before they realized their mistake and rehired me with a raise), and this is the closest I've come to feeling like I have a home and a sense of belonging in a LONG time, but this is more of the subjective emotional realm than a structured financial realm.
Thanks for your advice!
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2023.06.06 05:40 pigpentcg Please tell me the 30% Increased Damage per sticky is just hidden. 😢

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2023.06.06 05:38 YouStopLying Trump could learn a lot from Biden about the art of the deal

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2023.06.06 05:37 ConfusedAccountantTW CIO/Extinction Progress

Hi all! I’ve been following the guidelines found here, and in the precious little sleep book to help my 18 week old boy sleep better at night. Prior to CIO my poor wife was up every few hours, rocking and bouncing him to sleep for 30+ min every night, and resorted to co-sleeping once it got to 2am and he refused to go down.
We went cold turkey on his sleep associations (bouncing, swaddle, pacifier) and moved the crib into our room and have moved on from the bassinet. If we’re making a change we might as well get him to a place where we want him to end up. Eventually we will move him to a separate bedroom but he is EBF and still feeding twice at night.
His routine is fairly standardized, he takes between 2-3 naps of 1-2 hours during the day, and his last wake window is at least 3 hours with lots of stimulation until the final hour which is a calming wind down of bathtime, bottle with rice cereal, baby massage with lotion and calm reading in low light.
Day 1 Put down awake at 8pm, cried for 35min then fell asleep. Woke up after 45 min, cried another 20 min before falling asleep. Only woke up again to feed at 1:30am and again at 5am. He fell asleep pretty soon after the night feedings, no more than 10 min each time. One diaper change after one of the feedings. Woke up to start the day around 8am.
Day 2 Put down at 7:30pm, 30 min crying, stayed asleep until midnight. Fed at midnight, cried for 20 min and fell asleep. Woke again at 2:50am, we let him cry because he just fed, fell asleep at 3:10am. Woke up at 4:30, diaper change, got fed again, went to sleep around 5 and went down immediately. Slept until 7:30am
Day 3 (today) Put down at 7:00pm, cried for 10 min before putting himself to sleep, slept for exactly 40 min before waking up and crying for 20 min. Went back to sleep around 8:15pm.
So far I’m very happy at the progress, as is my wife who no longer has to be his human pacifier! Overall are we on the right track? I think it will take a few more days for him to go down without fuss unless there’s an extinction burst. Big thanks to all of the information here, we couldn’t take much more of his sleep schedule before sleep training.
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2023.06.06 05:37 Flashy_Performance_3 Problems we'll face in the relationship eventually?

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2023.06.06 05:36 FearlessOwl0920 Vent: Life Does Not Like Me This Week

I am disabled. I am invisibly so unless you see me outside work (work does not accommodate me, legally, because they'd have to find me a new job -- I am still fighting them on this but HR is based in Texas so I'm just trying to hold onto this job for 3 more months). I have hEDS and my work schedule changes weekly. I am also estranged (LC) from my parents, due to 1) homophobic personal views that offend the hell out of me (I'm not straight), and 2) general inability to understand disability.
I am also in dire need of weekly therapy. But because work has been slow, and EDS has been getting in my way, I have managed to have to cancel therapy to keep my job. I am not looking forward to my review on Wednesday. This week, I have: annual review (Wednesday, I qualify because I've been here longer than 6mo, fuck me right?), repair the damn car (someone hit my parked car and drove off like a DICK), try to get 40 billable hours (billability is the metric this coming fiscal year, yay...), and bonus, pay the IRS because my parents fucked up teaching me how to do taxes so I spent today fixing that problem. (The IRS employee was actually very nice to me about it given everything. I confused the poor guy by explaining why my tax situation was so strange last year.)
I have ADHD. I have meds, too, and likely PTSD (yay trauma disorders...) and depression. My parents did not set me up for success as an adult; my mom insisted on doing ALL my taxes even in college when I insisted I needed to know because she wasn't always free, and her response was Just wait, I'll do it, it's fine. It's not fine. I am still wrangling my money out from under her. With that, the rest of this post is a fucking rant about things I REALLY need therapy for but cannot this week because my job is trying to kill me with stress. Because fuck me, right? It's not like I matter, not when the company might lay me off and then my parents will find out and insist on sending me money. (Which comes with strings attached. I can't trust money from my parents. It always comes with conditions.)
My parents are still on my fucking bank account. Not my car insurance, but bank account, and also they have a lot of my personal stuff from childhood. I have been trying to find time to remove them this month but it's been very hard and I now won't have time to tomorrow. The things they have that are very personal, I'd like back -- like my books, and my stuffed animals from childhood. I don't buy them keeping it around now for sentimental reasons. I'm fairly sure it's another string to try and force me to do things, because why not? I'm the girl, obviously I am there to manage their shit for them (huge /s). None of my personal property was respected growing up (my parents literally gave away a good sewing machine that I had been gifted because my mom was too impatient to teach me anything), so I now can't trust things won't vanish. I'm extremely crafty and was always pressured not to buy things growing up, to the point that I am so fiscally responsible, I can't help but only buy from clearance racks, etc.
Oh, and my ADHD decided to respond to stress by making me forget timing on something this past weekend so now I've offended two people I thought were friends, and now I have no idea if I still have those people to rely on or not, and I kinda shut down due to trauma (again) trying to apologize. Because reasons were never accepted growing up, I didn't tell them exactly how many crises hit last week. For context, I don't get time blind on medication for ADHD without a damn good reason. I recognize part of the explosion was a friend really struggling with her own situation, but I cannot handle the mental load of her exploding on me and so I shut down. I had to prioritize my friend stuck in an abusive relationship on Saturday and mistimed things because I am trying not to tell my friend how much I hate her spouse. (I have not vented to this D&D group about abusive spouse. I hate abusive spouse. He triggers me. I fucking hate him so, so much.)
I'm just. I'm tired. I'm in therapy, I'm doing the right things, I'm finally prioritizing my health, and everything this week has decided to throw at me has been: here, crisis time, no support for you! I am trying so fucking hard but it feels like this is a house of cards that is just crumbling around me. I just wanted to crochet a pride flag and feel happy this week, and play some D&D. And instead I get all this bullshit. I will be ordering my yarn for it regardless but like, ugh.
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2023.06.06 05:35 SPTCTBP Years of hct above 49, hgb above 16.5 (with some under) but Labcorp has different range? Low platelets. Hematologist not interested because spleen is only "top class in size" & has a cyst but not considered enlarged yet & epo normal, he decided against jak2 test.

40 male, lean, live at sea level, never smoked etc. At 35 at the end of 2016 I did some basic blood work and had a hemoglobin of 17, hematocrit of 49.1, platelets just above range at 152, a few months later I did a testosterone test that came with hct and my test level was at the very low end of normal, hct was 49.9. I was also only 122lbs at this point (later to 140's, now ultimately 160's). Labcorp's range for hgb is 12.6-17.7 but was later changed to 13.0-17.7, hct range is 37.5-51.0 and still is today.
I look into testosterone replacement therapy and do more bloods throughout the year as I am starting to lift, do cardio, change diet, eat more calories etc, platelets start going lower down to 138, I find low vitamin d and b12 and start working on that, and keep lifting. Hgb at 15.8 & hct at 47.7. Still low end of normal test levels but starting to trend up during "noob gain" phase of lifting.
Early 2018 I have 16.1 & 48.6, platelets down to 126. Later 2018 I get bloods through Quest at Dr during std checkup etc right before I got super sick with something that was never diagnosed (neg for strep, all std, epstein barr, flu, tb etc) and my hct was 49.9 on range of 35.0-45.0 & hgb was 17.1 with range cutoff at 15.5 but nothing was said about it. Also had a separate testosterone that was lower than my original in early 2017, it's starting to trend down here.
Home sleep study in 2019 shows ZERO sleep apnea.
Jan 2020 I get a 15.9 & 46.9, platelets down to 128 (cutoff is 150). Nothing else odd but Testosterone has been creeping down, so it's not a driver of erythrocytosis.
Later in 2020 I see a hematologist (seemed out of date, he had been an MD for over 20 years already) after an hct of 51.1, hgb of 17.4 and an rbc of 5.87 (out of range), and platelets at 138. B12 was insane at 1700 He says I likely have immune thrombocytopenia and said "they don't look at hematocrit". Was fighting some weight loss issues here despite lifting and counting calories etc, and no longer having a job where I would walk 27k steps a night was confusing.
He said do more CBC's and I had weird cholesterol on this one so I did another one a couple of weeks later and my hct was 50.1 and hgb 16.1, platelets 132. I get a referral for in lab sleep study (like all of my bloods, this will be out of pocket). End of the year I get a 48.9 and 16.4, but platelets are now at new low of 121. Had a CBC with 48.9 & 16.3, platelets at 127, B12 is through the roof at 1732 when it had previously not responded to shots or supplements. I stopped the supplement, months later b12 still high at 1275. Follow up with hematologist was basically just keep doing cbc often to monitor platelets, no concern with hct or hgb even when elevated the same year and in the past.
Early 2021 I get a 49.2 hct and 16.5 hgb and platelets now down to 110. In lab sleep study in mid 2021 revealed no sleep apnea at all, just zero stage 3 sleep, same as home study from 2019. Testosterone has been trending down, now free test levels are below range and estrogen is too, feeling bad, do two more blood panels before going on TRT in mid 2021. First one shows HCT at 52.1 & HGB at 17, platelets at 116. I do bloods one more time that year (at this point blood work is cheap as hell and I am REALLY trying to avoid going on TRT) and get hct 51.7 and hgb at 16.5, platelets at 116.
I go on TRT expecting hct to go up, it goes to 55 by the end of 2021. I donate blood in early 2022 and right after hct starts going to 59.2, and stays at 59 for 2022 on a few tests, platelets now alternate between just above normal at 160 and low at 140. I donate at end of 2022 and it goes down to 52.5 but climbs right back to 55, then 57.8. Different hematologist's NP says she is sure she felt my spleen and I cringe in pain upon palpation. He comes in and orders complete abdominal ultrasound. I asked with my bloods trending UP over the years, is it possible they would have kept going up anyway if I never went on trt, he went on rant about trt and said we can not know. He was not concerned about PV because epo was normal, I said "TRT drives up epo, we never tested BEFORE trt, so we dont know if it was low before". He said if my spleen is enlarged, he will order jak2. He keeps focusing on current trt blood work showing high counts, but ignores the ones before going on. He's also been an md for years and didnt seem to know the updated WHO criteria.
Spleen comes back as top class in size with a small cyst and a splenule, liver, kidneys, pancreas all look good. He blows it off, doesn't order a follow up and his nurse tells me he doesn't like people doing homeopathic things or taking hormones etc.
Had two weird occular migraines in 2018, I have been itching after a shower for YEARS and it gets better after I donate but still occurs (even if I just wash my feet, my legs light up itching at night), had it before trt. Have a big toe issue that wont heal, started as a foot injury at old job in 2019, it wont heal, 7 months ago it flared and cannot get it under control. MY DPT is baffled as to what to do, MRI shows erosive changes in first mtp joint of big toe, and said to rule out Gout at bottom of report. I started having crazy acid reflux around the time toe flared and am now on meds for it, dr wants me to do upper GI test to rule out ulcers etc. I dont eat garbage that would cause an ulcer, nor take things that would cause an ulcer but get BLOATED TO HELL and back anytime I eat, and this makes it harder to bulk. Fatigue is unreal, without TRT I would be down for the count, I still stay active and lift 4-5 times a week but it's a major struggle, stay in shape (no cardio now with foot problem, used to run hills and climb in the woods) but am run down at work, fall asleep driving etc.
I am not sure if I should just pay for a jak2 out of pocket, and if positive, drive 8 hours to an MPN specialist, or if I could come up with a reason for every single symptom that has occurred over time. The random normal counts in between high counts, which ultimately went higher and higher make me think it's something else.
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2023.06.06 05:35 Juanox78 [WTS] 👍👍"📍Mercadillo Store📍"👍👍 ▶️ UPGRADES 👉 Cutlass Black to C1 Spirit $14 Cons Andromeda to Corsair $14 Andromeda to 400i $14 Andromeda TO Ares Ion/inferno $14 Andromeda to Mercury $25 Mole TO Redeemer $14 Mole to Caterpillar $19 ▶️ many more UPGRADES & SHIPS inside!

Jun 5/6 2023
👍👍 👋 Welcome citizens, come and take a look at the items I have to offer and feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions before buying.
About me:
RSI: Juannox - Discord: Juannox#3193
Safe place to trade:
- I don't use second hand credits and I don't purshase accounts, all the items I sell are directly from my account from my own funds, so there is no risk on my side.
🌎🌍🌏 I'am accepting US$ and EU€ from anywhere in the world using paypal or Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, BUSDT etc.
my local time is GMT -5

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Arrow ➡️ Cyclone AA $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
300i ➡️ Spartan $25 ✔️ YES
G12 ➡️ Spartan $25 🔥 Last one!
G12r ➡️ Spartan $25 🔥 Last one!
Arrow ➡️ Spartan $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Nomad ➡️ Avenger Warlock $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Arrow ➡️ Herald $14 🔥 2 Left!
Nomad ➡️ Herald $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Arrow ➡️ Reliant Sen $14 ✔️ YES
Nomad ➡️ Reliant Sen $9 ✔️ YES
Spartan ➡️ Reliant Sen $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cyclone AA ➡️ Reliant Mako $19 ✔️ YES
Gladius ➡️ Reliant Mako $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cyclone AA ➡️ Hawk $25 ✔️ YES
Gladius ➡️ Hawk $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Herald ➡️ M50 $19 🔥 Last one!
Reliant Sen ➡️ M50 $19 ✔️ YES
Gladius ➡️ M50 $14 ✔️ YES
Hull A ➡️ M50 $14 ✔️ YES
Reliant Mako ➡️ M50 $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cutlass Black ➡️ Buccaneer $14 ✔️ YES
Gladius ➡️ Buccaneer $25 🔥 2 Left!
Hawk ➡️ Buccaneer $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cutlass Black ➡️ C1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
Hawk ➡️ C1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
M50 ➡️ C1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Gladius ➡️ Talon $30 ✔️ YES
Reliant Mako ➡️ Talon $25 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Arrow ➡️ Talon Shrike $46 ✔️ YES
Gladius ➡️ Talon Shrike $30 ✔️ YES
Reliant Mako ➡️ Talon Shrike $25 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
C1 Spirit ➡️ Legionnaire $14 ✔️ YES
Freelancer ➡️ Legionnaire $14 ✔️ YES
Talon ➡️ Legionnaire $9 ✔️ YES
Talon Shrike ➡️ Legionnaire $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
M50 ➡️ Nova $25 🔥 2 Left!
Cutlass Black ➡️ Nova $25 ✔️ YES
Freelancer ➡️ Nova $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C Hornet ➡️ 350r $19 ✔️ YES
Freelancer ➡️ 350r $19 ✔️ YES
Talon ➡️ 350r $14 ✔️ YES
Talon Shrike ➡️ 350r $14 ✔️ YES
Legionnaire ➡️ 350r $9 ✔️ YES
Nova ➡️ 350r $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C Hornet ➡️ Cutlass Red $30 ✔️ YES
Freelancer ➡️ Cutlass Red $30 ✔️ YES
F7C-S Hornet Ghost ➡️ Cutlass Red $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cyclone AA ➡️ Hull B $67 ✔️ YES
Reliant Sen ➡️ Hull B $62 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Red ➡️ Hull B $9 ✔️ YES
Freelancer DUR ➡️ Hull B $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ Razor $9 ✔️ YES
Hull B ➡️ Razor $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Ballista ➡️ E1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ E1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ E1 Spirit $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ Expanse $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ Razor LX $14 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ Razor LX $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ Retaliator $14 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ Retaliator $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Freelancer DUR ➡️ SRV $19 ✔️ YES
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ SRV $14 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ SRV $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Razor ➡️ Razor EX $14 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MAX ➡️ Razor EX $9 ✔️ YES
Mantis ➡️ Razor EX $9 ✔️ YES
Razor LX ➡️ Razor EX $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Gladiator $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Hull B ➡️ Khartu-Al $35 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Khartu-Al $19 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ Khartu-Al $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Freelancer MAX ➡️ Sabre $25 🔥 2 Left!
Razor LX ➡️ Sabre $25 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Sabre $19 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ Sabre $19 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ Sabre $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ A1 Spirit $25 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ A1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ A1 Spirit $9 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ A1 Spirit $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cutlass Red ➡️ Cutlass Blue $46 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Cutlass Blue $25 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Cutlass Blue $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $25 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $25 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $14 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $9 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
E1 Spirit ➡️ Freelancer MIS $30 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Freelancer MIS $25 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ Freelancer MIS $25 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ Freelancer MIS $14 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ Freelancer MIS $9 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Freelancer MIS $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C Hornet ➡️ Vulture $72 🔥 Last one!
Freelancer ➡️ Vulture $72 🔥 Last one!
Nova ➡️ Vulture $62 ✔️ YES
350r ➡️ Vulture $56 ✔️ YES
F7C-S Hornet Ghost ➡️ Vulture $56 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Red ➡️ Vulture $46 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ Vulture $35 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Vulture $25 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ Vulture $25 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ Vulture $14 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ Vulture $9 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Vulture $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cutlass Red ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $51 🔥 2 Left!
Prospector ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $30 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $30 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $19 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $14 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $14 ✔️ YES
A1 Spirit ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Blue ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
F7C Hornet Wildfire ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
Vulture ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Sabre Comet $35 ✔️ YES
Vulture ➡️ Sabre Comet $14 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Sabre Comet $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $46 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $30 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $25 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $19 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $14 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cutlass Blue ➡️ Vulcan $30 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Vulcan $30 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Vulcan $14 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Vulcan $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Hurricane $62 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Hurricane $46 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Blue ➡️ Hurricane $40 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Hurricane $35 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Hurricane $25 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Hurricane $19 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Hurricane $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Defender $72 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ Defender $56 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Defender $56 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Blue ➡️ Defender $51 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Defender $51 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Defender $46 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Defender $40 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Defender $35 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Defender $30 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Defender $25 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Defender $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ San'tok.yāi $35 🔥 2 Left!
Hurricane ➡️ San'tok.yāi $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Terrapin $51 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Terrapin $35 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Terrapin $30 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Terrapin $25 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Terrapin $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Railen $77 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Railen $40 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Railen $30 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Railen $9 ✔️ YES
San'tok.yāi ➡️ Railen $9 🔥 Last one!
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Scorpius Antares $46 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Scorpius Antares $40 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Scorpius Antares $25 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Scorpius Antares $14 ✔️ YES
San'tok.yāi ➡️ Scorpius Antares $14 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ Scorpius Antares $14 ✔️ YES
Railen ➡️ Scorpius Antares $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Cutlass Steel $51 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Cutlass Steel $30 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Cutlass Steel $19 🔥 Last one!
Terrapin ➡️ Cutlass Steel $19 ✔️ YES
Scorpius Antares ➡️ Cutlass Steel $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Scorpius $93 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Scorpius $77 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Scorpius $72 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Scorpius $67 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Scorpius $62 🔥 2 Left!
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Scorpius $56 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Scorpius $51 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Scorpius $35 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Scorpius $25 ✔️ YES
San'tok.yāi ➡️ Scorpius $25 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ Scorpius $25 ✔️ YES
Scorpius Antares ➡️ Scorpius $14 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Steel ➡️ Scorpius $9 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Scorpius $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Vanguard Hoplite $51 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Vanguard Hoplite $19 ✔️ YES
Railen ➡️ Vanguard Hoplite $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius Antares ➡️ Vanguard Hoplite $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ 400i $67 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ 400i $35 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ 400i $14 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ 400i $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Apollo Triage $104 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Apollo Triage $56 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Apollo Triage $35 🔥 2 Left!
Terrapin ➡️ Apollo Triage $35 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Apollo Triage $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Apollo Triage $14 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite Apollo Triage $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Ares Inferno $104 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Ares Inferno $88 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Ares Inferno $83 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Ares Inferno $77 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Ares Inferno $72 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Ares Inferno $67 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Ares Inferno $62 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Ares Inferno $56 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Ares Inferno $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Ares Inferno $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Ares Ion $104 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Ares Ion $88 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Ares Ion $83 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Ares Ion $77 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Ares Ion $72 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Ares Ion $67 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Ares Ion $62 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Ares Ion $56 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Ares Ion $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Ares Ion $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Corsair $83 🔥 Last one!
Sabre Comet ➡️ Corsair $72 🔥 Last one!
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Corsair $62 🔥 Last one!
Defender ➡️ Corsair $35 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ Corsair $35 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Corsair $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Corsair $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Sabre ➡️ Mercury $99 ✔️ YES
Vulture ➡️ Mercury $93 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Mercury $83 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Mercury $72 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Mercury $56 🔥 2 Left!
Terrapin ➡️ Mercury $46 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Steel ➡️ Mercury $30 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Mercury $25 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Mercury $25 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Mercury $30 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Mercury $14 ✔️ YES
Ares Inferno ➡️ Mercury $14 ✔️ YES
Ares Ion ➡️ Mercury $14 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Mercury $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Terrapin ➡️ Vanguard Warden $46 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Vanguard Warden $30 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Vanguard Warden $25 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Vanguard Warden $25 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
Apollo Triage ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
Ares Inferno ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
Ares Ion ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Vulcan ➡️ Apollo Medivac $83 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ Apollo Medivac $62 🔥 Last one!
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Apollo Medivac $40 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Apollo Medivac $30 ✔️ YES
Apollo Triage ➡️ Apollo Medivac $30 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Apollo Medivac $30 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Apollo Medivac $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Apollo Medivac $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Apollo Medivac $3 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Blade $40 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Blade $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $40 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $40 🔥 2 Left!
400i ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $30 ✔️ YES
Ares Inferno ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $30 ✔️ YES
Ares Ion ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $30 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $30 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $3 🔥 Last one!
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $40 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $30 ✔️ YES
Ares Ion ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $30 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $30 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $56 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $35 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $35 ✔️ YES
Retaliator Bomber ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Eclipse $67 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Eclipse $46 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Eclipse $46 🔥 2 Left!
Retaliator Bomber ➡️ Eclipse $30 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Eclipse $30 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Harbinger ➡️ Eclipse $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Starfarer $67 🔥 2 Left!
Mercury ➡️ Starfarer $46 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Harbinger ➡️ Starfarer $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Redeemer $99 🔥 Last one!
Mercury ➡️ Redeemer $72 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Redeemer $72 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Redeemer $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Caterpillar $99 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Caterpillar $88 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Caterpillar $77 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Caterpillar $77 ✔️ YES
Retaliator Bomber ➡️ Caterpillar $62 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Caterpillar $62 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Harbinger ➡️ Caterpillar $46 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Caterpillar $19 ✔️ YES
Redeemer ➡️ Caterpillar $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Starfarer Gemini $35 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Starfarer Gemini $30 ✔️ YES
Redeemer ➡️ Starfarer Gemini $19 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Starfarer Gemini $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Crucible $40 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Crucible $25 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Crucible $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Endeavor $40 ✔️ YES
Redeemer ➡️ Endeavor $30 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Endeavor $25 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Endeavor $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Glaive $35 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Hull C $120 🔥 2 Left!
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Hull C $125 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Hull C $99 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Hull C $40 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Hull C $25 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Hull C $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Vanguard Harbinger ➡️ Valkyrie $93 ✔️ YES
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Valkyrie $72 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Valkyrie $67 ✔️ YES
Redeemer ➡️ Valkyrie $56 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Valkyrie $51 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Valkyrie $40 ✔️ YES
Constellation Phoenix ➡️ Valkyrie $30 ✔️ YES
Crucible ➡️ Valkyrie $30 ✔️ YES
Endeavor ➡️ Valkyrie $30 ✔️ YES
Hull C ➡️ Valkyrie $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Galaxy $72 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Galaxy $46 ✔️ YES
Hull C ➡️ Galaxy $35 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ Galaxy $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ C2 Hercules $93 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ C2 Hercules $67 ✔️ YES
Glaive ➡️ C2 Hercules $56 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ C2 Hercules $30 ✔️ YES
Galaxy ➡️ C2 Hercules $25 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Genesis $93 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ Genesis $30 🔥 Last one!
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Reclaimer $99 🔥 Last one!
MOLE ➡️ Reclaimer $93 🔥 2 Left!
Valkyrie ➡️ Reclaimer $30 ✔️ YES
Galaxy ➡️ Reclaimer $25 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ 600i Touring $136 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ 600i Touring $67 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie Liberator Edition ➡️ 600i Touring $67 🔥 Last one!
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Prowler $141 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ Prowler $72 ✔️ YES
C2 Hercules ➡️ Prowler $46 🔥 Last one!
Reclaimer ➡️ Prowler $46 ✔️ YES
600i Touring ➡️ Prowler $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Hull D $120 ✔️ YES
Prowler ➡️ Hull D $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
C2 Hercules ➡️ 600i Explorer $83 🔥 2 Left!
600i Touring ➡️ 600i Explorer $46 ✔️ YES
Prowler ➡️ 600i Explorer $40 ✔️ YES
Hull D ➡️ 600i Explorer $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ M2 Hercules $220 ✔️ YES
C2 Hercules ➡️ M2 Hercules $130 ✔️ YES
Prowler ➡️ M2 Hercules $88 ✔️ YES
Hull D ➡️ M2 Hercules $77 ✔️ YES
600i Explorer ➡️ M2 Hercules $51 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
M2 Hercules ➡️ Liberator $62 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
M2 Hercules ➡️ Orion $62 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Carrack $310 🔥 2 Left!
MOLE ➡️ Carrack $305 🔥 2 Left!
Mole Carbon Edition ➡️ Carrack $305 🔥 Last one!
Mole Talus Edition ➡️ Carrack $305 🔥 Last one!
Valkyrie ➡️ Carrack $241 ✔️ YES
Genesis ➡️ Carrack $215 🔥 Last one!
Prowler ➡️ Carrack $173 ✔️ YES
600i Explorer ➡️ Carrack $136 ✔️ YES
M2 Hercules ➡️ Carrack $88 ✔️ YES
Liberator ➡️ Carrack $30 ✔️ YES
Orion ➡️ Carrack $30 🔥 2 Left!
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Merchantman $358 ✔️ YES
Prowler ➡️ Merchantman $225 ✔️ YES
600i Explorer ➡️ Merchantman $188 ✔️ YES
M2 Hercules ➡️ Merchantman $141 ✔️ YES
Liberator ➡️ Merchantman $83 ✔️ YES
Orion ➡️ Merchantman $83 ✔️ YES
Carrack ➡️ Merchantman $56 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Carrack ➡️ Perseus $83 ✔️ YES
Merchantman ➡️ Perseus $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Carrack ➡️ Odyssey $109 ✔️ YES
Perseus ➡️ Odyssey $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
600i Explorer ➡️ Hammerhead $268 🔥 Last one!
Carrack ➡️ Hammerhead $136 ✔️ YES
Carrack Expedition w/C8X ➡️ Hammerhead $88 🔥 2 Left!
Merchantman ➡️ Hammerhead $83 ✔️ YES
Perseus ➡️ Hammerhead $56 ✔️ YES
Odyssey ➡️ Hammerhead $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Nautilus $442 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ Nautilus $373 🔥 Last one!
Reclaimer ➡️ Nautilus $347 ✔️ YES
600i Explorer ➡️ Nautilus $268 ✔️ YES
Carrack ➡️ Nautilus $136 🔥 2 Left!
Merchantman ➡️ Nautilus $83 🔥 Last one!
Perseus ➡️ Nautilus $56 🔥 2 Left!
Odyssey ➡️ Nautilus $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
M2 Hercules ➡️ A2 Hercules $247 🔥 Last one!
Carrack ➡️ A2 Hercules $162 ✔️ YES
Carrack Expedition ➡️ A2 Hercules $136 🔥 2 Left!
Carrack Expedition w/C8X ➡️ A2 Hercules $114 ✔️ YES
Merchantman ➡️ A2 Hercules $109 ✔️ YES
Perseus ➡️ A2 Hercules $83 ✔️ YES
Odyssey ➡️ A2 Hercules $56 ✔️ YES
Hammerhead ➡️ A2 Hercules $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Merchantman ➡️ Polaris $109 🔥 Last one!
Perseus ➡️ Polaris $83 ✔️ YES
Hammerhead ➡️ Polaris $30 ✔️ YES
Nautilus ➡️ Polaris $30 🔥 Last one!

Items Price
Cutlass Black - Skull and Crossbones $18
Scorpius - Stinger Paint 💎 $45
Scorpius - Sunburn Paint $14
Constellation ILW 2950 Paint Pack $24
Vanguard Sentinel BUK - LTI $140

  1. PM me what you would like to buy and include your Verified PayPal email
  2. Reply to this thread by announcing that you sent me a private message "PM'd", so I can see that you are a verified buyer.
  3. I will then send you an invoice to your paypal email.
  4. After payment is cleared Item is delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address.
  5. You will recieve a regular email from RSI with the title "Someone sent you a gift from Roberts Space Industries"
  6. Make sure to be logged into the correct RSI account before you open the link inside,
  7. I will post in "Confirmed Trades theme post" thread announcing the sale.
  8. After confirming the gift, you can reply to the post in which I mention you with +verify in "Confirmed Trades theme post".
  9. Tracking and proof of delivery are provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website.

Important: I don't do middleman services, my Discord is Juannox#3193, I do not do trades or anything in discord, avoid trades with any name other than that, please read THIS
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2023.06.06 05:35 DevonT3 Servers going down is the reason why I despise "always online" games..

Let's not sugarcoat this; Always online sucks. It works only with games that have a business in being online. Diablo 3 tried this and it was a travesty, and now we're dealing with 40+ minute to an hour long queue times. This is NOT an MMO and shouldn't be treated as one. At LEAST give us the option to have offline mode servers, so those who want to do it solo(like me) wouldn't have to wait hours upon hours just to play something alone.
Can't enjoy anything without having to be connected to a server. Enough of this already.
submitted by DevonT3 to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 05:35 SovietMeme360 Chanceme - Asian first gen immigrant (not first gen student) who knows nothing on what to expect

NOTE: I'm a junior going into senior year with no idea what to expect - my knowledge on colleges come from random senior friends and google searches with some-what help on my college counseling service at school.Sorry in advance for poor spelling, its 12 AM
Demographics: Asian (0 hooks, first gen immigrant? does that help?)
Intended Major(s): either bio/chem/biochem aimed at dental or pol sci/history/ethics
SAT: 1470/1600 (SAT Superscored, just took the June one though)
WGPA: 3.77/4.1~
(our GPA is really wack, our AP and honors are weighted the same at 4.3 if you get an A, and an A+ is the same as an A)it said on a calculator if i recalculate it its something around a 4.0 or 4.1 gpa/5.0 Weighted?
AP Chem (not yet out), APUSH (not yet out), AP Comp Sci A (not submitting cos too low lol), AP Calc BC (not yet out), AP Gov (not taken), AP Lang (not taken), AP Bio (not taken), AP Stats (not taken)
Honors: Spanish II and III, Algebra and precalc BC, Chem, random horror english movie class they gave for a semester lol
(I was a rly big speech and debater)Qualified to the UKTOC (University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions). NCFL (National Catholic Forensics League), NIETOC (National Individual Event TOC), and OSDA (Ohio Speech and Debate Association) State tournament in the 2022 - 2023 season - bunch of big naitonal tournamentsFinalist in the 2022 UK National Opener, 2022 North Coast NSDA Qualifier, 2021 North Coast NSDA Qualifier, 2022 OSDA State qualifier, 2022 Sharen B. Althoff Rotary Tournament, 2022 Fred Snook Memorial Tournament, Vermillion tournament in International Extemporaneous Speaking - mostly local Ohio (yes im from ohio) circuit tournaments, but the national opener is a big national tournament that I tryharded!!!Semifinalist in the 2022 New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament and 2022 TOC Digital Speech and Debate Series 2 for Extemp, 2022 Barkley Forum for High School for Impromptu (apprently this last one is rly big)Somehow the Tournament Champion of the Ohio Digitial States Tournament for the High School Open Division in International Extemporaneous Speaking in 2021.Special Distinction recognition from the NSDA (559 points as of Junior year)
Spanish awards:Placed in the 95th percentile and above in the nation on National Spanish Exam in Levels 1 and 2 from 2019 and 2020. Obtained silver award on National Spanish Exam in Level 3 in 2021.
I also have a CPR award not sure if this counts lmk
Extracurriculars: (This is where I was told I did well)
CLUBS:History Club (founder (old one died, created new one, president x4 years)- made my own history club magazine that has like 8 ish editions published? (only student-led and student-run on at the school), including a 200+ page magazine on the Russo-Ukrainian war 2022 and a guide on German WWII tanks thats like 200+ pages too- made insta page for daily updates (ik cringe lol)- website :p- 10,000 dollars raised for Ukraine!!!- 200 members
Law Club (VP in 2022-2023, president next year)- created instagram (this year ik a bit late) to inform the public- creating a blog and podcastbasically the club died this year and now that im pres im rly running it
Asian Diversity Group (co-leader 2022-2024)- planned out festivals, volunteered as MC for the Lunar New Year festival in 2022- talked with students, faculty, chair of english to change the underclassmen required humanities class to re-include Asian literature after (for unknown reasons) it was taken out- talked abt stuff that related to issues for the Asian American community in the US, including racism due to COVID, model minority myth (basically asians r rly smart 100% of the time etc), oppression of LGBTQ+ community, etc- celebrated AAPI heritage month by making cool posters with the community!
Fishing Club (Captain (sorta-like co-pres), head presenter)_ biggest club at our school (literally 300 students- make IG posts informing students abt fishing opportunities, where to catch fish, and showcasing some of the big catches- upkeep the fishing shed (we have a rly small one lol)- accompany students to pond
Speech and debate- I do IX and congress, look above for awards lol- mentor incoming novices- unofficial photographer (tried to make this official lol)no leadership positions L
Sustainability Council (member)- planned with the council the school's first Earth Week since COVID- discussed plans on how to improve sustainability such as turning lights off after dark (we for some reason don't really do this?!?)Really all the work will happen in Senior year
Tech intern!!!! (just a member lol)- Fix many lenovo models (light repairs)- I now run the school meeting tech board in the back where you control the screen going up and down, sound, etc!!! (promoted after the guy previously doing it graduated)- go on trips with technology head to check on tech in the morning in classrooms
Dental internship with Free health clinic- 400 ish hours in 3 years so far- learned how to use EPIC app (thats unironically what its called)- shadowed many treatments such as fillings, first steps to root canals, extractions- did patient vital checks and history taking (app told me what to ask and I did just that)- cleaned up and set trays for usage (restocking the gauze, etc)- digitized a lot of paperwork
Music: Cello for 8 years, also play in the school pep band (Bass drum)
I also have leadership positions in the Sci Oly, Robotics, spikeball, might get a leadership in MUN, but the Sci Oly, Robotics, spikeball is rly small (I was VP in Sci Oly but didn't do too much lol) and MUN is still tentative :pEssays/LORs/Other:
I HAVE ONE WRITTEN BUT ITS SO BAD basically its on my summer dental volunteering but its poorly connected to my other activities and stuff
Extra added note: My sophmore year was HORRENDOUS - I had like 3 surgeries 8th, 9th, and 10th grade on my eyes (retinal detachment and cataracts on my right), my dad got brain cancer, and (my mom was kinda absent cos she was a government teacher in another province in Korea while I was there) this guy who took care of me along with my dad until I was 8 or 9 died and this all took a rly big mental toll on me :( I'm better now tho
Schools:NOTE: these are a few schools my (overexpectant) mom and I agreed on and this is not a final liUChicago (EDing if not ED to UPenn)UPenn (PLEASE GOD PLEASE) (prob ED)Wooster's 7 year dental programNortheast/westernUIUCUVAVanderbiltYale (prob not getting in my mom wants me to apply tho)GeorgetownGeorge WashingtonWashington and LeeBoston UUCLAUCBCWRUJHUOSUI'd prob apply EA in most, ED to either UPenn or UChicago, RD in Yale cos restrictive (that is if I remember correctly)
What I want to know: Am i looking in the right places? Also I stacked some EZ classes (in my school) in the senior year - should I apply RD in most so I can show my grade improvement? Would that improve chances?Also do interviews come after or during visits? I got interviewed at Wooster on my visit and I loved it, and I rly hope to do more if possible :DAlso just general tips and suggestions
Thanks! And ask any questions I'll get to them ASAP
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2023.06.06 05:34 construction_eng Starting a new position need help deciding on retirement

I have a choice between two retirement compensation options with this new job. My wife and I now make around 300k in W2 and rental income. I am looking for outside perspectives and whatever input people are willing to provide.
This job would pay 117k with 1.5-2% annual raises without promotions. I'm going easily get one or two 10% raises on the way up if I stay for a decade. This is a rather easy job that I could relax and excell in for a long time, but I don't necessarily want that.
The choice I have to make is either a 403a with mandatory 9.3% contribution with a 8% employer match, and a 5 year vesting period. I would invest in a market index fund and some tech stocks. Hoping for a solid 10% avg annual return, but who knows!
Or go the pension route
A old school, pension that would allow me access to full social security payments (railroad exemption). The pension is vested after just 10 years, but only pays out at 2.25% per year at 59 years (my goal full retirement age). Being 28 means I could probably max out the pension at 80% with a likely end of career early buy out. Otherwise it would be 69%. Leaving after 10 years would leave me with 17.5% vested.
I am leaning towards the 403a due to my interest in going into real estate/investing full time after I have better equity and cash to leverage. This could happen in 10 or so years.
I also like the idea on living off a small percentage of a retirement account to leave my future children a large inheritance. The pension is also currently underfunded by 40+%..... I'm worried the oversight boards might step in to stop the bleeding. I am uncertain on the death benefits, trying to find that out now.
I feel like I am missing something about pensions, they really don't appeal to me, but everyone seems to think I'm insane for leaning to go with the 403a. Everyone at this new job takes the pension. I'm very worried I'm ignorant of some major factors here.
Thanks in advance! Sorry for my spelling and grammar. I'm really bad about writing like I am speaking.
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2023.06.06 05:33 MaximumxCarnage Please need help with a house that was bought

long story short my mom and my sister bought a house which has its closing in 2 months from mattamy. The problem is my mom has been in a divorce for 3 years and there has been two extensions so my mom has not gotten any money at all as my piece of scum father has been purposely prolonging and he's done malicious things like close the joint homeline etc to prevent my mom from having anymoney at all she is a live at home wife for 40+ years so my mom has never had any money. My sister stupidly out of spite didn't transfer the house to my name and I was the only one who could get a mortgage and the cost of the property is bit higher then market value now so from what I'm hearing assignment sale is not possible without a hard loss and I think they have tried to get mattamy to take back the house with no luck. I don't know what to do I'm so worried for my mom and she shouldn't have been pressured by my sister to even buy this house when they had no money my mom has had to ask her relatives for money the entire time
What can we do please help
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2023.06.06 05:33 rippervon [WTS] Springfield Prodigy Factory 17rd Magazine/126mm

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/VpohcA5
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2023.06.06 05:33 RobbyBeagan760 Please help me

My brother and I have played games since we were children. Grew up with N64, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, GameCube, up to all the recent consoles.
In high school him and his friends would game online, do lan parties, and even have little kickback where they drank so it was social.
But now everyone’s kinda moved on and my brother just games 24/7. His job is at the shipyard in a trailer where he waits to be called to use the forklift. It’s like 40 hours on clock but 10-15 hours of actual work. The rest of the time he can do anything in the trailer. He just games and games and games.
On the weekend he goes straight to gaming til 6 am then sleeps all day. He’s going to lose his girlfriend who’s actually really cool and good to him .
He’s also gained a ton of weight and I love my brother.
My parents asked me to talk to him what do I do or say please help
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2023.06.06 05:32 tapanypat Planning for parent’s next steps

Hello! I’m hoping to get some basic info and/or links to learn about how to help my parents plan for their next stages in life.
They are both around 80, living independently and in basically good health. They’ve been in a home in Illinois for more than 40 years, but have hinted that they are finally thinking about downsizing. My wife and I have already offered to have them stay with us, but they might prefer to rent an apartment near us for a while at first.
They have a few basic assets and income (their home, some regular stock and some in a 401k, a small pension, social security, and maybe a few other odds and ends) but I can’t imagine it would come out to more than 300k - they have written their will to divide whatever they have between my sister and I. My sister, in Missouri, and I, in Illinois with my parents, have a basically good relationship and are in basically good financial situations for our own families. We are trying to understand what to do in order for us all to enjoy whatever time we have left, and to plan ahead for possible difficulties so that they don’t sour anything.
In particular, I would like to learn about aid and support in Illinois for extended at-home or nursing home care. This is definitely an area where my parents are not super-ready financially, and it would be a challenge for my sister and I to provide for them. This is, financially, the thing I worry about most as my parents age. They would like to leave something for us, but what are their options if they end up needing care later on?
What else am I not thinking of that I should be considering?
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2023.06.06 05:31 UsedCicada9696 Wine talk with LD and Wabbie never went to Vancouver.

Wine talk with LD and Wabbie never went to Vancouver.
Wine or margaritas? < ItsmeLD > 12:45
: . . ^ Alcoholic. § < - > 12:46
: . . margaritas § < AyameM > 12:47+8
: . . : . . Maybe watermelon?? Or mango?? < ItsmeLD > 12:50
: . . : . . : . . Mango imo < AyameM > 13:06
But I really like cherry
: . . Wine. I find margaritas to be too sour and salty § < Morgan-LeFay > 12:47+5
: . . that margarita mix they make with white wine < - > 12:48
gives me a headache and the shits
: . . : . . do u mean wine slushies??? < actualadvice > 12:48
there's something I will never drink
: . . : . . : . . not sure but many of these pre-made < margarita-mixes > 12:52
like the ones they sell at costco don't have any tequila in them. They use white wine instead.

: . . : . . : . . : . . I see the mix for sale, it's just a bunch of < - > 12:53\
high fructose corn syrup and citric acid. You are supposed to add the booze. You seem to be referring to those fake pre-made single serving type things? Usually malt liquor in those and yes, straight headache
: . . : . . : . . : . . : . . talking about the ones with alcohol § < - > 12:58
: . . : . . : . . : . . i'm a purist when it comes to booze < actualadvice > 12:53
tequila (NEVER cuervo) fresh squeezed lime juice Cointreau rocks (never frozen) no salt
: . . : . . : . . : . . You have to make the margaritas yourself. < ItsmeLD > 12:54
The only mix you should be mixing is the sweet and sour. And you can even make that yourself. I do.
: . . day drinking smdh < actualadvice > 12:48 pic
what're you looking to get into, honey?

: . . Do you drink wine cold or room temp? < TittyLover9000 > 12:48+5
My daughrter-in-law & her mom drink it room temp.
: . . : . . Cold. I like white wine. Red is served < ItsmeLD > 12:49
room temp. I don’t care much for red.
: . . To put up with a lowlife like you? < RageIssues > 12:49+10
Both, and lots of it. Happy Monday everybody!
: . . : . . LMAO. So much for Vancouver. We all knew you < Morgan-LeFay > 12:50
were lying.
: . . : . . : . . Yeah stupid, I was there, I'm home now. < RageIssues > 12:51+5
That's how vacations work, leave here and try one sometime.
: . . : . . : . . : . . LOL. You were here trolling grey the whole time. < Morgan-LeFay > 12:53
You never went anywhere. LoL
: . . : . . : . . : . . : . . I slap your sloppy ass around in green. < RageIssues > 12:57
And I'm quite good at it. Everybody you, Mickey, and LD whine about me posting grey, the person who actually made the post laughs their ass off. I laugh too, because its ANOTHER poster who's been convinced what clueless losers you three are.
: . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . Tsk, tsk, tsk, so violent and temperamental. < Morgan-LeFay > 13:00+1
Your pretend vacation did nothing for your Rage Issues. You should seek anger management out next time instead. But don't pretend you went to that anger management, okay. Anyways, lunch break is over. Tata for now.
: . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . +1 for leaving. § < RageIssues > 13:01+5
: . . : . . Oh God. I need to make it a double now. § < ItsmeLD > 12:52
: . . : . . : . . A margarita, right? < RageIssues > 12:54
Sprinkle the glass with rat poison instead of salt, thanks.
: . . Just some JD for sipping on for me. § < Operator54 > 12:56
: . . : . . Sounds like my husband. No mixer, < ItsmeLD > 12:58-5
just over ice. You are a manly man. Lol How are you?? Have a good weekend?
: . . : . . : . . I'm not sure about the manly man but < Operator54 > 13:02
I do like my JD over ice for sipping. lol I had a good weekend, really busy but good. You?
: . . : . . : . . : . . Didn’t do a whole lot. My husband has < ItsmeLD > 13:18
Been gone, so just keeping myself busy with little projects us around the house. He will be home in the morning and I think we are going to go someplace fun later in the week.
: . . : . . : . . : . . : . . Neat, I hope you both enjoy it. § < Operator54 > 13:21
: . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . That’s the plan!! < ItsmeLD > 13:24
What is going on this week for you?
: . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . Just prepping for a trip. Busy busy lol § < Operator54 > 13:30
: . . Whatever your husband tells you. § < - > 13:40
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2023.06.06 05:29 lake-show1 I've been doing this for about a month now, averaging about $30-35/hour ($100/day) before expenses. Just some takeaways from this experience and a couple of questions to the community.

Been lurking for quite some time but just want to say thank you to this sub. Read a lot before I got started on what to do and what not to do so just wanted to share my experience. I work a normal 9-5 and after separating with my wife I had a lot more time on my hands and wanted to try some gig work to supplement my income. I'm sure I don't have to say it but I'll just say it anyways but this is an extremely small sample size so maybe it was just a lucky month for me.
Satisfaction rating: 100% (57 customer ratings) / Acceptance rate: 18% / Cancelation rate: 0% / 145 deliveries
-If you want tips, just do your job quickly and efficiently and don't bother the customer unless you have to (ex. updating a customer because you're waiting at a restaurant for longer than 5 mins). I've see a lot of cringeworthy posts on here where people are trying to have a full on conversation with the person their delivering to or if its a leave at door delivery, they'll leave a message or in the notes about how important it is to tip. Most people just want their food delivered in a timely manner, they don't care about your life story, why you're doing it, etc. Just stay professional, try to do it in a quick and timely manner and follow the delivery instructions.
-Fast food makes up a good portion of your earnings. I honestly enjoy orders from McDonalds, Subway, and Taco bell when the lobby is open. Orders are always packed nicely and while you may have to wait a bit sometimes, it's nothing too crazy. I think the only place to avoid is KFC, Popeyes, Chick-fil-A and fast casual restaurants such as BWW, Wingstop, etc. For some reason it's always an extended wait at these places and I have to go out of my way to update the customer that it's busy there and I'm still waiting for their food.
-Boosts/boosted area is very misleading. It's just a way to get people to do UE at non-peak hours because it advertises some crazy boost (sometimes up to 3x in my area) and on top of that they cut the base fees up to almost 75% before making it up with their promotion to trick people into doing it at these hours. I tried it once thinking this was going to be amazing but after two deliveries realized what they were doing and called it a night.
-In my experience highly dense areas while much more difficult to pickup/deliver in (no parking, high rise condos with asshole securities) are much more worth it than driving further out to a suburb. Not sure what it is but they also seem to just tip better.
-I know people focus more on the per hour aspect of gig work but for me I just set a goal of $100 every time I go out and that seems more achievable than shooting for the stars ($40/hour) and grinding it out like that. I typically do it for about 3 hours sometimes a little over from 7pm-10pm about 8-10 deliveries during that timespan.
How do you guys go about stacking orders or taking on orders with multiple deliveries/pickup spots? The way I've been approaching this so far has been I normally don't accept orders with 2+ deliveries and I'll typically only stack to a current delivery if it's from the same restaurant that way I'm not holding on to someone's food for much longer and risking it going cold or having the customer wait even longer which could lead to people reducing the tip. (haven't been tip baited yet surprisingly)
Do people who do gig work just try to downplay how much they can actually make to avoid an influx of new drivers coming in and "taking" work away from them? I've noticed anytime I ran into another UE or DD driver who wanted to engage in a conversation while waiting they'd always have the same spiel about how slow it is and how something has changed and they'll talk about how good it was during COVID.
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2023.06.06 05:28 InTheSkyCity 6/4/23 (Back To It)

“Scum shit, dumb shit. Drum stick, vanilla. Expiration date. I can give you salmonella. Truth is I'm lucky. I made it off a fluke like a junkie. Soil is so murky. Future is a haze, I am foggy.”
“I'm a stupid prick talking to myself. On the way home, I don’t need your help. Even if I did, I wouldn’t let you know. Flame lit like a candle, chop it up and go.”
I can pay you twenty. I called so many times. I can pay you twenty. Don’t know what’s in these bags. I can pay you twenty. I called so many times. I can pay you thirty. Don’t know what’s in these bags.
I began to write the journal for 6/3/23, I just didn’t really feel like writing it. Probably doesn’t help that I was writing at 11:40 PM lmao. Nothing much happened besides watching the new Spiderverse with my brother, I liked it.
So what did I do the day afterward? Visited my moms place, so that we can take care of the fafsa, that shits a pain in the ass. Going to need that money though cause Im going to need to save as much as I can for OctobeNovember.
Also played with my sister for awhile, apparently she’s been asking about me. Once she was told by my mom it was my birthday soon, she thought she’s going to get a present as well lmao. I’ll probably end up getting her something.
I also gave my mom my old laptop, didn’t really need it anymore, she’s been wanting a new one. She was really thankful about it.
I remember buying it cause my asshole of a professor was complaining about how I didn’t have a laptop. He was thinking I was on my phone not paying attention, well, I was to an extent. But I was also using it to take notes. I bought a laptop because he kept complaining about it, so I only really did it to shut him up.
I spent the rest of the day just fucking around on Zelda and watching Boardwalk Empire, I should be able to reach the series finale tomorrow. I have nothing but great things to say about the show. Definitely on my top ten, god, I’m mad for just getting to watch it.
And then I did what the first paragraph of this journal is about.
Song Of The Day: The Garden - Thy Mission (feat. Mac DeMarco)
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