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2023.06.07 12:52 greybeh POTS / Dysautonomia (UPMC) Recommendations

I need to find a doctor who is familiar with POTS or similar illnesses.
I was referred to cardiology after an ER visit for palpitations and high blood pressure (after standing up, in retrospect). My issues slowly cropped up over the course of a year(post-Covid infection) and started with vertigo, heavy fatigue. Then: blurred vision, foot discoloration when i stand up, lots of morning leg discomfort (aching and heaviness) and heat intolerance and facial flushing and rarely shortness of breath with inclines and stairs. My main concern is that I nearly pass out at times.
Another MD had referred me for a tilt table test, and the cardiologist put me on a beta blocker that has been helpful to a degree. These recommendations have me wondering if it could be POTS.
My current cardiologist told me I don't need the tilt table test and doesn't think I have an issue because I haven't passed out yet. I am supposed to check my blood pressure and if it is ok, ro come back in 6 months.
I would greatly appreciate recommendations for doctors in the UPMC system who may be able to help.
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2023.06.06 03:03 kukzk Summer Sublease near CMU, UPMC, UPitt

My room is available for a sublease till August end. It’s at a very convenient(can’t get better) location on Centre Av with the bus/shuttle stop, Giant Eagle, Aldi at a 1 min walking distance. It’s ideal for people working around the area or studying at CMU(15-20 minutes away), UPitt, UPMC(5 minute walk). Place is fully furnished. It’s a 2B1B but only one room is available, the other room is locked. Comment for more details
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2023.06.06 02:59 kukzk Summer Sublease

My room is available for a sublease till August end. It’s at a very convenient(can’t get better) location on Centre Av with the bus/shuttle stop, Giant Eagle, Aldi at a 1 min walking distance. It’s ideal for people working around the area or studying at CMU(15-20 minutes away), UPitt, UPMC shadyside(5 minutes walk). Place is fully furnished. It’s a 2B1B but only one room is available, the other room is locked. DM me for more details
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2023.06.05 20:15 HighDerp Scheduling for Bisalp - no return messages but order is in?

Hi everyone! On May 18th I was approved for a bilateral salpingectomy. I was told that scheduling would give me a call within a week, and that they are booked for surgeries three months out. I reached out through the portal after 8 days, and again after two weeks.
I haven't gotten any calls, voicemails, or messages back in the portal. I called today and was transferred around and left voicemails on surgery scheduling lines.
Is this weird? I usually get responses to my portal messages quickly through my insurance/medical provider. I can see the visit notes and that I was approved for the surgery.
Is this common for all surgeries or? Are they having trouble finding a doctor willing to perform the procedure?
I'm 23/F so I suppose I'm just worried about age discrimination on such a heavily politicized surgery.
Any words of advice or encouragement is appreciated. I've been without birth control for a month and I'm getting antsy because it's not even scheduled. At least if I have a date three months from now, it feels tangible. But right now I just have my doctor's "word"
P.S.- Are there options of taking this doctor's order and going to a woman's clinic or other provider to get it handled? I'm with UPMC in Pittsburgh so it seems like it has to be done in a specific hospital in a specific wing.
Thank you all.
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2023.06.05 20:06 Chipmunks95 Adult UPMC members with ADHD, where do you go?

So I see a doctor UPMC at Western Psych children and family center but they recommend I don’t need their psychiatry services anymore and think if I just continue my medicine I’ll be fine. The problem is my PCP won’t prescribe controlled substances. The psych I’m seeing now is giving me time to find a psychiatrist or new PCP that will continue writing the prescription but I’m having trouble finding someone that is accepting new patients and sees adults. Any help is appreciated
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2023.06.05 07:12 working_goldfinch Help requested: Suddenly needed retina surgery - Need a ride from UPMC Mercy to Munhall today afternoon (Mon Jun 5th)

EDIT: Someone from this subreddit will be helping me! Thank you to all who reached out. Very kind of everyone and I so appreciate it!
This is a long shot, but I just found out at about 8pm tonight (Jun 4) that I'll need retinal tear surgery tomorrow, Monday, June 5th, and it's critical I get it within 24 hrs or I could risk losing my vision in that eye--and I may not be able to get a person to pick me up.
I'm getting more worried now because the dark disk is getting larger since I got back from the ER tonight.
I'm going to ask a neighbor tomorrow morning but I have no idea if he'll even be around. I would take an Uber but I am not sure the medical facility will allow me to do that.
If anyone could pick me up at UPMC Mercy tomorrow afternoon I would really appreciate the help. They are telling me I'd be done sometime like 3-4pm. But even if it were 5-6pm, I'd just wait there. I don't know if/when they close.
This would require you coming in and meeting me inside.
I'm a 53-year-old guy and otherwise very healthy, able person (runner, etc). I'm married but my wife is away on a trip and we moved here several years ago but just haven't made friends locally. I'd be happy to talk to you beforehand on the phone, of course.
I'm aware this is a big ask, but I'm really concerned about my vision.
Thank you if anyone can help. I hope to know by tomorrow morning if my neighbor can do this or not.
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2023.06.04 02:54 PittPSU45 TV and Gaming Console Donation

Hello, Greater Pittsburgh! I have a Samsung TV and an Xbox One with some Lego games that I’d like to donate to a place in need. In my mind, I was thinking about maybe a women’s/children’s shelter or a healthcare/extended care type of facility with patients and/or family members staying overnight. I attempted AHN, UPMC, and Ronald McDonald House, but they all require brand new items for donations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.01 04:59 1ZAAK_ petah i don’t know what the quote is

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2023.05.31 18:05 falpsdsqglthnsac posting until i get a two month ban, #16

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2023.05.31 17:17 tiredagainTM Former employee login or phone number?

I need to find my hours worked at UPMC Mercy but don't remember any of my login info. Who do I contact?
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2023.05.30 18:37 bonusminutes Vitamin D considerations

30M, 5'8" 165lbs, 13% bodyfat, don't smoke, drink or do drugs. Eat healthy and workout often.
All recent bloodwork:
Notably in bloods, Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy is 59ng/mL (range 30-100).
I'm wondering if with MTHFR there's any way that bloods could show normal while there's a functional deficiency. I see that in my nutrahacker it says that my Vitamin D receptors might be downregulated, but I'm unsure what that means in terms of supplementation. Does that mean I should just get a higher level of D circulating in my body than usual, or what?
I feel like I have a lot of D deficiency symptoms, but bloods show it mostly normal. Also, taking a regular D3 supplement usually gives me pretty bad anxiety (most of any supplement does, really, even ones that didn't in the past).
Debating maybe trying this mushroom-sourced D2 supplement:
Any thoughts, experiences or insight with Vitamin D and MTHFR? Anything you see in my mutations, or bloods that sheds any light?
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2023.05.26 15:24 kittengraveyard Local employers that offer tuition assistance?

I currently work for UPMC and get 6k per year towards tuition reimbursement. I'm going on 5 years with them and I'm nearly at the end of my rope with mistreatment but I feel stuck because I'm going to college now and the tuition assistance is a big benefit. If anyone knows other employers that offer similar benefits I would really appreciate hearing about it!
Edit: thank you everyone for your thoughtful responses and great advice, honestly I'm not sure if I even want to move forward with reimbursement after reading some of the replies. I see in my contract I would have to pay them back if I left within 12 months when I was under the impression it was only during the semester. But your comments did however give me a lot of ideas of places to apply to and I don't feel "stuck" any longer.
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2023.05.25 15:38 VegetasMoustache_ What's going on with UPMC?

My partner and I received letters from UPMC telling us that almost all the doctors we've interacted with in the past year (5 so far) are leaving UPMC. Did something happen causing an exodus, or is it just a coincidence?
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2023.05.22 15:20 VercettiEstates Dentist recommendations

Does anyone know of any local dentists that take UPMC Dental Advantage? Currently experiencing a potential abscess or something more serious with my teeth in my lower right jaw.
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2023.05.18 16:27 SailorSatrn Son has qualified for Medicaid via his autism diagnosis, now what? (PA)

My son was diagnosed in March with autism and according to the state of Pennsylvania he automatically qualifies for Medicaid. I have gone through the procedure of applying and we chose the UPMC plan and received our card. My son is also covered by my husband's health insurance through his job and we made sure to put that on all of our paperwork. My question is , now what? I have given his access/medicaid card to all of our providers. Am I still required to pay copays from our Highmark insurance or should they bill Medicaid next? My caseworker is not helpful, I know it is not always her fault because she has a high case load. I hate calling and bothering her. Am I able to see claims made to Medicaid like I can with my health insurance? Please help and ELI5 if you can, I'm really confused with all the paperwork and everything else I've been dealing with.
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2023.05.16 16:05 crazycreeper112233 According to this, I should go to work with an ear infection, runny nose and cough

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2023.05.16 15:48 craze4ble You don't have unlimited sick days, so here's a chart to know when you still need to work.

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2023.05.10 22:58 Professional_Scar325 Parking Solutions

Hello All,
Glad to be part of this town. I just moved from St. Louis on short notice. I work at UPMC Presbyterian. Unfortunately, I did not do much research into 'how the town is structured', with all its bridges, traffic lights, etc. and moved into a place much closer to Allegheny than UPMC. I didn't think that an 4 mile drive would be too bad, but it's turning out to be a poor experience to say the least.
Most notably is the lack of parking for non-physician workers near UPMC. Parking at some locations for that group has waiting lists up to 3 years for the most convenient parking. I have been street parking for the time being, but this is not viable in the long run. I am also looking into bicycling to work if that offers a much easier transport with closer parking. I was hoping if someone could offer me a solution for my parking woes.
Any advice helps! Thank you all in advance!
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2023.05.09 17:38 neck-rash Hysto consult with Dr. Samantha Vilano in Pittsburgh

I’ve avoided any and all gynecologic care because of anxiety but I finally bit the bullet and I cannot express how relieved I am after the appointment. It was uncomfortable sitting in the waiting room but I don’t think there’s any getting around that. The staff never used my legal name, only ‘Alex’ (all of my interactions with UPMC have only used Alex after someone in ER registration asked if I wanted them to update it a couple years ago). The nurse got my vitals and said Dr. Vilano would be in soon and followed with “would you be able to undress and sit on the exam table? Or would you rather just discuss with Dr. Vilano?” I said I’d rather not undress and she went “ok! I’ll let the doctor know” Vilano came in, asked me about my history. Some parts were uncomfortable but never unnecessarily invasive and she was very nonplussed about the whole thing which always makes me feel more at ease (if it’s business as usual for them, it’s easier for me to feel like the whole situation is no big deal). She asked for me to explain in my own words why I wanted a hysterectomy. She said normally she also performs a gonadectomy on trans men and explained the risks associated there. She also asked if I had penetrative sex or planned on phalloplasty as that could make a difference in the amount of vaginal tissue she would try to retain. She said she’d like to get a Pap smear, colposcopy, and transvaginal ultrasound prior to surgery but they aren’t strictly necessary. She explained the reason for the testing and the risks of declining. I opted out of those tests and she said that was totally fine, they would just need an abdominal ultrasound instead. Everything went so much smoother than I imagined and now the next step is to wait for a call from scheduling and get a surgery date!
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2023.05.08 20:25 sorrysoselfish Pittsburgh Podiatrist?

I had foot surgery over a decade ago in another city and ama having some issues return. My PCP wrote me a referral to a podiatrist but out of all on the list she gave me, none seem very great. She told me most podiatrists here are private practice and not in larger facilities.
Is this the case? I have good BCBS/Highmark coverage and see UPMC doctors for most of my care but am happy to look elsewhere. I am trying to stay within city limits as I do not drive.
Any recommendations?
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2023.05.07 03:34 preparetomoveout Pittsburgh Marathon Maps Copy

Several years ago I got caught driving inside marathon barricades with no discernable way out (they blocked things off early). Police also had no idea where I should be directed to. I spent a good 30-40 minutes parked trying to download the map off the Marathons website but it was bogged down to the point the site wouldn’t even load. Since then, each year I’ve tried to take the maps and post a copy of them just in case it happens to anyone else. Maybe this isn’t an issue, but if it is feel free to reference them here and you may use my “karma points” as a reference of legitimacy since I know downloading files from third parties could be considered risky.
DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon / FedEx Pittsburgh Marathon Relay
UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon
UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Back Half Marathon
DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon Sunday Events
UPMC Health Plan UPMC Sports Medicine Pittsburgh 5K Run
Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon
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2023.05.06 14:43 EricaAchelle Pittsburgh

Anybody get their reduction in Pittsburgh with UPMC? I am looking for a surgeon to get my reduction done! Any and all thoughts on the surgeons here would be helpful!
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