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2023.03.25 01:54 FormerGutterSkank Car insurance advice/risk assessment experts

Are there any risk assessment experts out there who can help me decide what kind of insurance to put on my vehicles? I'm deciding whether to get liability only or also collision.
2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty Book value $8633
2009 Toyota Camry Book value $4338
My understanding is that if either of these vehicles were totaled, I would get the book value from the insurance company. This would be nice because I'd be able to replace the vehicle immediately.
I'm 19 years old, working full-time at an auto shop and attending college full-time. If either vehicle were totaled, I'd have the other one to use until I could get the money to replace the one that needed replaced. I might be able to borrow money from a family member and make payments, but that's not guaranteed. I must have transportation!
I drive the Camry daily to work and to school. I drive the F-250 only one or two times a week, as needed for projects. Hauling scrap to the junkyard, picking up appliances or furniture, towing other vehicles, etc.
Is it worth spending $150 a month each for collision vs about a fourth of that amount for liability only?
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2023.03.25 01:53 Real-Afternoon319 Python intellisense for VS Code

Hi, I'm wondering how to configure intellisense for VS Code to pick up GNU Radio correctly. It picks up very few things using the . operator.
What I should be able to do is
import gnuradio from gnuradio import blocks blocks. 
and it should list out all the blocks such as vector_source_c etc. - however instead it lists out very few select blocks (with function signatures etc.) but no others.
For the moment I've just decided to work in C++ for custom blocks purely because VS Code intellisense is working correctly in it, and it's just such a huge boost to productivity being given suggestions and function signatures without going to the docs every 5 seconds.
However, I figure surely there must be some settings I'm able to configure to pull out the definitions form the autogenerated python bindings for all of them. I'm actually very confused as to how it's managing to pull out just some but not others. If anyone has gone through the process of getting this to work could you let me know how to do that?
This is with a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 LTS distro, python 3.8, GNU Radio built from source with maint-3.10, VS Code from snap store, standard python extension in VS Code.
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2023.03.25 01:32 vinit__singh For learning data science, is Data Camp better than Coursera's data science specialization?

For learning data science, is Data Camp better than Coursera's data science specialization?
Excellent learning tools for data science are provided by DataCamp and Coursera's Data Science Specialization. Depending on your learning preferences and objectives, you may choose one over the other.
The Main Differences Between DataCamp vs Coursera
The Main Differences between DataCamp vs Coursera are:
  • DataCamp offers courses and tracks in STEM fields, whereas Coursera offers courses, online degrees, and certificates in a large variety of fields.
  • DataCamp has three subscription options for individuals, whereas Coursera is a free access platform but prices tracks and degrees separately
  • DataCamp offers projects for every course, capping depending on your subscription plan, whereas Coursera offers peer feedback, projects, and course assessments as paid features
  • DataCamp is all self-paced video lectures, whereas Coursera offers self-paced and scheduled learning
Which is better: DataCamp or Coursera?
In my opinion, the two most well-known platforms for IT, software, programming, and related subjects are DataCamp and Coursera. Even though they appear to be very popular, I had concerns about how well the courses were made, how easy it would be to use the platforms, and whether investing the time and money would be worthwhile.
I'll share my initial and final thoughts on the elements I believe are crucial for any learning platform, but particularly ones geared towards STEM fields.
DataCamp claims that it’s “the smartest way to learn data science online,” and markets its flexible learning, projects with real-world applications, and accessible platforms for both individuals and businesses. They also hint that taking their courses could help with your job performance. Follow databasebootcamp for related details in reddit.
Coursera instead touts its connection with colleges and universities. While the majority of users may know Coursera for certificates, they also market their degrees (more on this later) and suggest that enrolling in courses can improve skills, help prepare for in-demand careers, and assist small businesses through “on-demand training” and “professional development.”
My Takeaway: Coursera is more focused on establishing credibility with its ties to universities, though some of its advertising can be a little misleading. DataCamp, meanwhile, struck me as more niche and targeted on data science alone, though there is less mention of expertise or credentials.
Alternate Resource
I like the course offered by Logicmojo to be more simple and in depth for both freshers and experienced candidates.
This Data Science and Machine Learning program by Logicmojo is a tailor-made program and is considered one of the most popular online courses in data science, built with insights from advisors at the top 50 tech companies. This program provides you with the opportunity to work on real-world projects and receive real-time feedback from industry professionals. The courses are live and interactive so that candidates can clear their doubts easily.
Benefits of Logicmojo’s Data Science Courses
Your chance to learn and apply machine learning skills and Data Science techniques
Various tools that Data Scientists use are taught in Data Science course to practice with and learn from the best
The key skills needed to tackle and solve a data science problem are taught
Become experts in programming languages such as Python and SQL, which aids in learning Data Science, and understanding relational database concepts
Learn to import, clean, analyze, build and evaluate data models
Make use of data visualization techniques, libraries, and tools
Certified Data Scientist Certification is given after the successful completion of the course.
As you can see from the situations outlined above, DataCamp, in comparison, simply lacks some of the features. I still think it’s a great website, though, and if you’re a professional looking to learn a new skill quickly, DataCamp might be the better choice for you!
Whereas despite being great Coursera courses are recorded lectures without any doubt clearing sessions or job support. So, in my personal opinion Logicmojo stands out and is the best option if you want practical, personalized and career-focused learning.
Lastly, whether you choose Coursera, DataCamp, or somewhere else to learn, I will strongly encourage you to get out there and do some courses! There’s a lot of value in gaining new skills on these learning platforms. DataCamp vs Coursera can be a heated debate, but whichever you pick is sure to bring you a lot of value as you continue your education.
Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you in some way.
All the best!!
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2023.03.25 01:15 sbpotdbot Pick of the Day - 3/25/23 (Saturday)

Post ONE pick. No side picks in comments. You can provide a link to your other picks in the other daily threads. No parlays/teasers, please use the parlay/teaser thread for those. Must be between -200 and +200 (1.5 and 3.0) Bet size should be between 1 and 5 units. No "100 unit locks" Provide a write up on why this is your Pick of the Day. If it is a system/model play you must note relevant data such as ROI or record and provide an overview/description of your model or system. You must note time/sport/event of your pick. No top level comments without a pick. Please report posts that do not meet the requirements. Basic template for posting Sportsbooks and Promos Live /sportsbook Chat FAQ General Discussion/Questions Futures and Outrights Models and Statistics
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2023.03.25 01:11 47uw1mdmdg Borna Coric vs Christopher Eubanks preview, head-to-head, prediction, odds and pick

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2023.03.25 00:43 EclipseZer0 Custom Rotation: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

New expansion is almost out, and with that it comes the time to say goodbye to Custom Rotation. Compared to Crosscraft, I must say this felt much better. But that doesn't mean it didn't have its own share of issues. So, I'll go over the good, the bad and the ugly (as not bad, but also not good) of this format, and ponder whether it should come back again (spoiler: yes) and how it should come back (double spoiler: not as we got it):
NOSTALGIA: this is the most obvious point in its favor. Being able to experience old Rotation decks, outside the context of Unlimited, and with the same card pool limitations and all, is very cool. Not much to add.
RECREATING OLD METAS: if you follow Zhiff you probably know by know how we set up lobbies to recreate old metas, and it is a rather great community experience to be able to hold some kind of competition outside the only 2 constructed formats we have (1 of them being broken, tho it could be made better, but I digress).
GIVING OLD DECKS A FIGHTING CHANCE: we all know powercreep is a real thing in videogames, and Shadowverse isn't an exception to that. Old decks, if brought back without aid, would (mostly) fail misserably to even give a minimal fight to the newer decks, sad as it sounds. But Cy gave us a (flawed) way of playing with these old decks and still have a chance to win, to the point some old decks are actually meta! This makes the format a much fresher experience than otherwise, as it would've been a copy-paste of the most recent meta. That said, this system is not perfect (more on that later).
BALANCE: it was bound to happen, but not all decks are equal. A few select decks are completely ruling the meta, and the class balance is even worse, as the best decks are almost all Dragon and Rune. While it took a full week to figure out, now the GP is filled to the brim with D-Shift and Disco Dragon players, and it is almost impossible to bring a deck that does well into both matchups at the same time.
GATEKEEPS NEWER PLAYERS: while Cy had a good idea going by making Private matches not require you to have the cards you were using in your collection, there wasn't much reason not to extend that to Unranked. GP is kinda understandable since that has a price behind it, but Unranked offers nothing but a place to do daily missions, and many people couldn't bother with Private matches. And even if they wanted to craft the cards they found to like, there were 2 issues: the first being how old cards cost the exact same as new ones, making it very expensive to invest in an old deck, specially knowing how in Unlimited you can safely craft the strongest cards and know they will keep being strong in the future, while in Custom Rotation you may be crafting a card only because "there was no other option" for the deck you wanted to play; the other issue being...
TIME-LIMITED: due to how short it lasted, there was no reason to craft old cards, and some people even didn't bother with the format because "it would have no interest because they are new players, nostalgia doesn't affect them". If it was a longer-lasting, recurrent or even a permanent format (that, and make old packs/cards significantly cheaper) more people would have a reason to try the format, and to play more decks other than the most recent ones that they mostly have due to their current Rotation collection.
THE EXTRA EFFECTS FOR OLD DECKS NEED IMPROVEMENTS: I think it has become clear that not only ramping is very strong (too much for certain decks), but also not enough for many decks. There isn't a better example for this than Sword as a whole: being a board-focused class, while the ramp definitely helps (like playing Latham on turn 6), it is just not enough, at all, as your board is smaller and does less thingd than your opponent's even if you are ahead in pp. Not only that, but also there is a serious problems with how the extra effects are split: as they are now, certain expansions are much better than others close to them just because they are in an "older group", this being Omen vs Altersphere, and Fortune vs Rivayle. A solution to these problems, but also to even recreate with more fidelity the old metas if you want to is by making the extra effects more customizable and escalated: an example would be giving a choice between 8 different effects, and having the player choose which ones to bring, for a total depending on how old the deck is (choosing UP TO 4/3/2/1 if you choose an expansion from Brigade/Rebirth/Fortune/Renascent or sooner, respectively), with those effects being more varied like "at the end of turns you can evolve give +1/+1 to all allied followers", "the first time your leader receives 5 or more damage during a turn, reduce it to 4" or "at the end of your turn deal 1 damage to the enemy leader" instead of just giving the same effects to everyone (these would be very subject to change, probably would need to be stronger...). This would give a wider variety of decks better bonuses (like Aggro decks picking the free 1 damage per turn, or Midrange decks picking the board buff). Current effects would be reworked, like "at the start of turns you can evolve, gain a play point orb (only 1 time)"; or they could even be made to be progressively weaker per expansion batch instead and instead you choose a fixed amount of effects, but those effects become weaker the more recent your deck is. And you'd have the option to not choose any effect, to fully recreate the old metas.
So, I think I've gone through my impressions of Custom Rotation. I think it is a much better idea than Crosscraft (which is inherently more broken), and only need some (serious) tweaks to be worthy of being permanent. I hope Cy revisits this format in the near future and give us an enhanced experience with it. What are your thoughts? Another good, bad or ugly detail I may have forgotten?
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2023.03.25 00:25 pixel-ink Modding Paralysis: the tinkering addiction problem!

So recently I've struggled to decide what platform to play Skyrim on. The obvious answer is PC. I own a gaming laptop, but I've spent more hours recently comparing mods, watching mod reviews, starting fresh saves with new mod lists and basically tinkering than actually playing the game! It has to be close to a 9:1 ratio of modding Vs play.
And then I picked up my Switch, also with Skyrim on it. I can't mod. Only play. Better yet: I don't have to start up a computer, launch steam, wait for Steam's inevitable update, and open the start menu to launch SKSE64. I wake up the Switch and back in the game INSTANTLY.
I keep flip-flopping between a no-choice, no mods run on my Switch, or a Vanilla+ run on PC. Right now I'm playing both in parralel, and it's driving me mad. It's telling that I've spent more time at my laptop in total, but the Switch character is 10 levels ahead of the PC one. I think the only way I'll ever actually get to PLAY anything is if I decide the Switch is for Vanilla and the PC is for mad experimental modding silliness. No in-between.
Anyway, rant over.
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2023.03.25 00:08 next3days For anyone looking for something to do this weekend, here's some ideas....

There's a lot going on this weekend and even better the weather forecast looks great with 60s and 70s and only a little rain on Saturday morning.
Here's 35 local events you can enjoy at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg and throughout the New River Valley:
1. Pink Moon Peach Milkshake IPA Release Moon Hollow Brewing, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 3:00 - 10:00 PM Admission is free. Beer and food are regular price. Moon Hollow Brewing presents the Pink Moon Peach Milkshake IPA Release in support of the local Pink Boots Society. This year’s blend contains Loral, Eukanot and HBC 586. A heaping dose of lactose, peach purée and vanilla bean also help create a rich and delicious brew. $1.00 from each pint is donated the Pink Boots Society Blue Ridge Virginia Chapter. This helps the chapter continue to put on educational, community enriching events. The Pink Boots Society aims to assist, inspire and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers through education. Food will be available for purchase from Countryman Jamaican Grill. Link:
2. Root Down in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Root Down is a jazz trio based in the New River Valley. Link:
3. College Softball: Chattanooga vs. Virginia Tech Tech Softball Park, Virginia Tech Friday, March 24, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 PM, Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM (Doubleheader) Admission: Free Watch the Virginia Tech Softball team compete against non-conference opponent the University of Tennessee Chattanooga in a three game series. No tickets are required for Hokie Softball games. Parking is available behind the outfield at Tech Softball Park and enter along the right field side of the stadium. Stands open one hour prior to the start of the game. Link:
4. Music Theatre: "Book of Mountains and Seas" Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 7:30 - 9:00 PM Adult Tickets (based on seat location): $25.00 - $55.00 Virginia Tech Students with ID and Youth 18 & Under: $10.00 A daring new music theatre work by composer Huang Ruo and puppeteer, designer, and director Basil Twist, "Book of Mountains and Seas" is a modern take on ancient Chinese creation myths that are relevant to our current climate change struggle, featuring the chorus of Ars Nova Copenhagen alongside massive puppets and striking lanterns. The work is sung in Mandarin with English supertitles. Book of Mountains and Seas is inspired by the ancient Chinese compilation of early myths of the same title, which was first transcribed in 4th-century B.C. Book of Mountains and Seas is a 21st-century adaptation and expansion of four of these tales. The work contains timeless codes about the universe, creation, planet, nature, life, human ambition and fate, the relationship and interaction between mankind and the planet. Link:
5. Will Easter & The Nomads in Concert Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd Friday, March 24, 2023, 8:00 - 11:00 PM Admission: $8.00 Will Easter has one of those voices that is like a home-cooked meal for the soul. Will has the cool throwback rock edge of Tom Petty with the modern folk-Americana appeal of the Avett Brothers, but with something hard to put your finger on that could only be born out of the shadows and peaks of the North Carolina mountains. One iteration through a chorus and you’ll find yourself humming along, by the second time around you’ll be singing out loud, ready to hit the repeat button. Link:
6. Juxtaposition A Cappella Spring 2023 Concert: Time For A Hoedown Haymarket Theater (Squires Student Center), Virginia Tech Friday, March 24, 2023, 8:00 - 9:30 PM Virginia Tech Students: At the Door: $7.00 Non-Students: $10.00 Juxtaposition A Cappella presents their Spring 2023 Concert titled "Time For A Hoedown". Juxtaposition will be performing seven new songs including their entire ICCA set. Juxtaposition is an all-male Virginia Tech A Capella group that was established in 1994 and has since produced seven albums and been awarded numerous awards and honors. They enjoy performing their wide repertoire of 70's, 80's, 90's and current hits. Link:
7. 2023 Ramp N Roads Eastern Elementary/Middle School, Pembroke Saturday, March 25, 2023, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM Admission: Free Renew the New presents the 2023 Ramp N Roads where volunteers will be cleaning up litter from highways and byways, boat ramps, and river & stream access points. Be prepared to pick up litter off road in ditches and over the banks. Each volunteer will be assigned a team who will be led by captain when they arrive at Eastern Elementary/Middle School. These captains will lead the on-site clean up and will provide any needed safety instructions. There will be no buses running this year. Each volunteer will take their own car or carpool and convoy to one of the planned cleanup areas. There you will be given gloves and bags to use. Each volunteer is asked to return to Eastern Elementary at noon where they will receive pizza for a to-go lunch and a t-shirt. Volunteers need to sign up in advance. This is a rain or shine event however pick up along roadways will be suspended during active rain if it happens. ReNew The New is a volunteer organization committed to stewardship of the of the New River flowing through Southwest Virginia. Link:
8. Yoga On Tap with Blacksburg Yoga Collective Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 9:30 - 10:45 AM Suggested donation of $15.00-$20.00. The Blacksburg Yoga Collective presents Yoga On Tap with an energizing and uplifting flow. Flow with Blacksburg Yoga Collective in the beautiful settings of the Rising Silo Saturdays. These Kundalini-inspired, donation-based Yoga and meditation sessions focus on therapeutic movements and various breathing techniques aimed toward collective wellness. Meditate, chant, and move together to ease stress, manifest positivity, and improve our awareness and focus. Admission includes the class and a post-yoga non-alcoholic beverage from the brewery. Link:
9. 2023 Warm Hearth Village Arts & Crafts Fair Warm Hearth Village Center, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Admission: Free If you love unique, beautiful, locally handcrafted gifts and art, then attend the 2nd Annual Warm Hearth Village Arts & Crafts Fair. The show will feature high-quality artisanal goods from both artists on our campus and throughout the New River Valley. Handmade items for sale will include pottery, woodworking, home goods, accessories, soaps, candles & more. The Huckleberry Cafe will be open for grab-n-go refreshments. Link:
10. Free Wine Tasting Vintage Cellar, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Vintage Cellar presents Free Wine Tasting every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Join them for a decadent wine tasting at our free wine tasting. They will teach you all about the regions and grapes from the wines as you taste. After the tasing, grab a bottle or glass and enjoy it with some food from their kitchen. Must be 21 or older to participate. IDs required. Link:
11. Open Virginia Tech Football Practice Lane Stadium, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM Admission: Free Fans are invited to attend the open practice to get an early look at how the Hokie's 2023 football squad is shaping up. Gate 6 will open up at 11:45 AM for fans to enter. Note: It is prohibited for fans to take photos and videos when the Hokies are on the field. Link:
12. 2023 Beliveau Bridal Expo Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Bring your friends and family and visit with the area's leading wedding professionals on display to plan your perfect wedding in an elegant venue. Wedding vendors such as florists, musicians, photographers, bakeries and more will set up in our Great Hall to talk to you about their services. This is a great opportunity to meet many of the vendors in one afternoon. Food and wine will be available to purchase throughout the entire event. Link:
13. Women's Lacrosse: Boston College vs. Virginia Tech Thompson Field, Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Watch the Virginia Tech Women's Lacrosse compete against ACC conference opponent and #7 ranked Boston College. Link:
14. Program: Vegetable Gardening Meadowbrook Public Library, Shawsville Saturday, March 25, 2023, 1:00 - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Want to grow your own vegetables, but aren’t sure where to start? Join Dr. Emma Patterson, VCE Volunteer Master Gardener, to find out more about planning a vegetable garden, caring for it, and keeping it going through year’s end. Free seeds and soil testing kits will be provided. For ages 12 and up. Link:
15. 2023 Oyster Dinner Drive-Thru Riner Volunteer Fire Department, Riner Saturday, March 25, 2023, 2:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: $15.00 The Riner Volunteer Fire Department presents their Annual Oyster Dinner Drive-Thru featuring fried oysters, baked beans, slaw and dessert. Tickets can be purchased in advanced at Eagle Express, Riner Food Center and Village Barber Shop. Link:
16. Delta Chi's Into the Wild Benefit Concert featuring Audio Fever and The Red Ferns The Milk Parlor, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 2:00 - 5:00 PM Ages 21 & Over: $9.00, Ages 20 & Under: $12.00 The Delta Chi Fraternity at Virginia Tech presents their Into the Wild Benefit Concert featuring music from Audio Fever and The Red Ferns. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The Red Ferns is a groovy guitar band based in Blacksburg and Audio Fever is a Blacksburg based band as well. Link:
17. March Flashlight Tour St. Albans, Radford Saturday, March 25, 2023, 5:30 - 7:30 PM Admission: $15.00 Join St. Abans for their March 2023 Flashlight Tour which includes a little history and paranormal in one. This is a guided tour. Take a walk through the dark halls of St. Albans Sanatorium and join them for a flashlight tour of the building. Hear all the chilling tales of what paranormal investigators, and the public, have encountered within these 120 year old walls. A little bit of history, a little bit of paranormal. Tickets are available online in advance and will be sold at the door provided tickets are still available. Comfortable shoes and a flashlight are recommended as there will be lots of walking and many dark areas. Dress accordingly as the building is not climate controlled. You must be 18 years of age (16 if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian). Link:
18. March's Beans and Banjos (Final Event) Meadowbrook Public Library, Shawsville Saturday, March 25, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 PM Admission: $5.00 requested donation The Shawsville Ruritans and The LINC Letter presents March's Beans and Banjos and the final event of this series. Nothing lasts forever, not even Beans and Banjos. March's Beans and Banjos will be the last. Instead of having a couple of bands the organizers are inviting everyone who's ever played or sung at Beans and Banjos to come out and jam to play Beans and Banjos out in style. Beans and Banjos has been going for at least 14 years. Enjoy a dinner of beans, cornbread and desserts. Organizers ask for a donation of at least $5.00 to help keep the LINC Letter publishing. The LINC Letter is the non-profit community newsletter for Eastern Montgomery and is distributed to residents of Alleghany, Elliston, Ironto, Lafayette and Shawsville, Virginia. Link:
19. Amelia Empson in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Amelia Empson plays a variety of Indie-Folk and Americana covers and originals from the Appalachian Mountains with talent far beyond her years. Link:
20. Salsa Night 2023 Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 11:00 PM Advance Tickets: $12.00, At the Door: $15.00 Join Beliveau Farm Winery for a dancing experience with your loved one, group of friends, or come single; you are bound to have a good time no matter what. Lessons begin at 7:00 PM and the event lasts until 11:00 PM. Link:
21. 2023 March of Ales Mardi Gras Celebration German Club Manor, Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM Admission: $50.00 The Blacksburg Junior Women's Club (BJWC) presents the 2023 March of Ales Mardi Gras Celebration featuring unique beers for tasting, along with wine and a signature cocktail. Coffee, water, lemonade, hors d’oeuvres and desserts will also be available. Guests will enjoy entertainment by a DJ, dancing, and a live and silent auction. The auctions feature an extraordinary variety of items donated by local businesses and individuals. At the end of the evening, discounted Uber service will be available to guests. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door if the event is not sold out in advance. All money raised at March of Ales is used to fund service projects and donations throughout the year. The funds have benefitted groups and causes such as Special Olympics, Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, Montgomery County Christmas Store and many others. Link:
22. WUVT's Jazz Night with Copy Cat Syndrome and Yung LZRD Odd Fellows Building Lodge #20 (Wilson Avenue), Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM Admission: $6.00 Join WUVT for a night filled with the sweetest jazz melodies provided by Copy Cat Syndrome and Yung LZRD. Copy Cat Syndrome is a fusion trio performing jazz based in Blacksburg, VA. LZRD is a jazz band from Blacksburg, VA. Entrance to this event is ticket only (sold online) with a maximum of 50 being sold. Doors open at 6:00 PM and the music starts at 7:00 PM. WUVT-FM 90.7 Blacksburg is the New River Valley's only source for independent, alternative programming. Link:
23. TechNotes Spring 2023 Concert: TechNotes Lightnin’: Feeling the 50s Haymarket Theater (Squires Student Center), Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Advance Tickets: $5.00, At the Door: $7.00 TechNotes presents their Spring 2023 Concert titled "TechNotes Lightnin’: Feeling the 50s". Enjoy a night full of new songs and old TechNotes favorites and chances to win epic raffle prizes. TechNotes is a co-ed A Cappella group at Virginia Tech that performs at various events throughout the year. TechNotes was founded in 2010. Link:
24. Caroline Owens & Company in Concert Floyd Country Store, Floyd Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM General Admission: $15.00, Reserved Seating: $20.00 Caroline Owens is a 2X IBMA nominated Bluegrass and Gospel artist. She has performed alongside many of her heroes such as Alison Krauss, Suzanne Cox, The Isaacs, Larry Gatlin, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Lorraine Jordan and many others. And, has made quite a name for herself in the North Carolina bluegrass community. Link:
25. Hoppie Vaughan & The Ministers of Soul in Concert The Floyd Center for the Arts, Floyd Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:30 - 9:30 PM General Public: $15.00, Students: $10.00 Don't miss your chance to see the long awaited return of Hoppie Vaughan & The Ministers of Soul. It will be a fun, funky night of soul. The diversely talented Hoppie Vaughan is all about the soul! He is a blue eyed soul singer, song writer, guitar and bass player. Besides performing solo, he is the front man for Hoppie Vaughan and the Ministers of Soul based out of Roanoke, VA performing classic soul, R&B, blues and funk. Link:
26. Three Band Concert with Kenny Vaughan, Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions and Friend of the Three Southpaw Cafe & Community Space, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:30 - 10:00 PM Admission: $5.00 Southpaw Cafe & Community Space presents a Three Band Concert with Kenny Vaughan, Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions and Friend of the Three. Friend of the Three is a band based in Virginia that performs adult alternative, pop and rock. Link:
27. Stand-Up Comedy Show Lost In Taste, Christiansburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 10:00 PM - TBD Admission: $7.00 The Cosmic Comedy Club returns with performances by comedians Sage Delong, Derek Budd, Julia Goyer, Tony Rodriguez, Jermaine Callando and hosted by Andrew Gustafson. Recommended for ages 18 & up. Link:
28. 2023 Hot Diggity Dog Day (Fun for Your Dog) Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 12:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: Free Bring your pup and come have a day at Beliveau Farm Winery annual canine event. There's 165 acres of dog fun for your furrr-ever friend to explore and relax. Fresh air, dog parade, lots of outdoor space. Beliveau will have food and drinks for purchase throughout the day. With every hot-dog sold, they are donating 20% of our proceeds to the Montgomery County Humane Society. Link:
29. Community Quilting Bee: Rotary Cutting Fabric Blacksburg Library, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: Free Blacksburg Library presents their monthly Community Quilting Bee with the the topic "Rotary Cutting Fabric". This month atteneeds will learn how to use a rotary cutter and ruler to make accurate fabric pieces. Everyone is welcome including beginners. Link:
30. Book Club: The Winemaker Blacksburg Wine Lab, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: $40.00 Join the Blacksburg Wine Lab for the Wine Lab Book Club tasting & discussing featuring "The Winemaker" by Noah Gordon. About The Winemaker: Josep Alvarez is a young man in the tiny grape-growing village of Santa Eulália, in northern Spain, where his father grows black grapes that are turned into cheap vinegar. Joseph loves the agricultural life, but he is the second son, and his father’s vineyard will be inherited by his brother Donat, the firstborn. He yearns for a job growing grapes and for an opportunity to marry Teresa Gallego. In Madrid, an assassination plot, conceived against the political leader of Spain by men of wealth and power, creates a storm of intrigue that sucks into its vortex a group of innocent young farm workers in Santa Eulália. How Josep’s life is changed drastically by these events, and how, ironically, they gradually turn him into an inspired vintner with an evolving vision of life, is the fascinating story of "The Winemaker". During the Book Club, enjoy four fantastic Spanish wines to taste. Chef Bryan will create a pairing board of house–made Spanish tapas, cheese and charcuterie to accompany the tasting. Reservations required. Link:
31. Willard Gayheart and Ricky Cox performing "Old Favorite Songs of the Blue Ridge" Floyd United Methodist Church, Floyd Sunday, March 26, 2023, 2:30 - 3:30 PM Admission: Free The Floyd County Historical Society presents an encore performance of Willard Gayheart and Ricky Cox performing "Old Favorite Songs of the Blue Ridge. Ricky Cox’s friendship with Willard Gayheart also goes back 35 years. This shows in the programs they present together, harmonizing and appreciating one another’s contributions as they delight their audiences. Willard is a pencil artist from Southwest Virginia. He is originally from Eastern Kentucky, working mostly from the theme "Nostalgic Glimpses of the Appalachians". His works are positive images of Appalachian Culture, presenting the region as a place alive with interesting personalities. Besides his artistic talent with the pencil, Willard is also an accomplished bluegrass musician having played as a member of the bluegrass band The Highlanders. Ricky Cox has been entertaining and educating many of us for decades. Throughout his teaching career at Radford University he shared the history and culture of our region through his music and writing, earning a number of special recognitions along the way. Ricky contributed his photographic talents to the second of two books featuring Willard Gayheart’s drawings. Note: The event was originally scheduled for Sunday, March 12th, but had to be postponed due to inclement weather. Link:
32. Blacksburg Community Band Spring Concert Blacksburg High School Auditorium, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 3:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free The Blacksburg Community Band presents their Spring Concert conducted by David McKee and Associate Conductor, Dean Chiapetto. Christiansburg High School's band director, David Miller, will be guest conducting. Jefferson Ritchie will solo on trombone. The Blacksburg Community Band, Inc. is an all-volunteer community organization formed in 1989 under the auspices of the Department of Parks and Recreation in the Town of Blacksburg. The ensemble is open to individuals of all ages and ability levels from the New River Valley and surrounding areas. Link:
33. Helping Hands Fundraiser with Spaghetti Dinner and Live Music Belview United Methodist Church, Radford Sunday, March 26, 2023, 4:30 - 7:30 PM Donations Appreciated Join Belview United Methodist Church for some fun and great fellowship all while helping support a wonderful mission. Help them fund their Helping Hands Pantry by enjoying a spaghetti dinner starting at 4:30 PM, silent auction, raffle and live music from Eddie & Sherry Richards and Spoken For beginning at 6 PM. Belview's Helping Hands Pantry supplies clothes, personal care items, cleaning items and household items to those in need in Montgomery County, Radford, Dublin, Giles County and Pulaski and other surrounding areas. The Silent Auction starts at 1:30 PM and ends at 7:30 PM with over 40 items to bid on. There are over $2,000 in prizes for the raffle. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each, $10.00 for three or $20.00 for seven. Donate a pack of diapers, pull-ups or Depends and get three free raffle tickets on the day of the event. Link:
34. Indian Run Stringband in Concert Palisades Restaurant, Eggleston Sunday, March 26, 2023, 5:00 - 7:30 PM Admission: Free The Indian Run Stringband from Blacksburg, VA plays fiddle and banjo foot stomping dance tunes and sings traditional songs with old time harmonies perfect for dancing the two step. From dance tunes to the blues, the Indian Run Stringband plays with love and abandon. They make old-time music fresh and new. Link:
35. Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble in Concert with Guest Artist Michael Burritt Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 6:00 - 7:30 PM General Public: $15.00, Seniors: $12.00, Students & Youth: $10.00 The Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Annie Stevens, performs a concert with guest artist Michael Burritt who is one of his generation’s leading percussionists. He is in frequent demand, performing concert tours and master classes throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. He has been soloist with the United States Air Force Band, Dallas Wind Symphony, Omaha Symphony, Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Ju Percussion Group (Taiwan), Percussion Art Quartet (Germany) and the Amores Percussion Group (Spain). Link:
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!
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2023.03.25 00:03 SoupBastard Do you think Mnet has an ideal P02?

At this point everyone including Mnet is pretty set on Hanbin being P01.
However, I feel like the P02 is also a pretty important rank and Mnet kinda cares which trainee ends up ranking 2nd. Not to the extent that they would try to tank a trainee that they don't want in that rank in the finale, but still enough to push their pick during the run of the show.
So far the trainees that have held this rank are Matthew and Zhang Hao (during the ranking announcements) and Jiwoong and Yujin (during the interim episode rankings). Realistically, I don't see anyone else being a contender for this rank (although watch Taerae become one with his P03 in Korean votes).
It's pretty obvious, that Jiwoong's probably not Mnet's pick for P02. Narratively, it feels like Matthew is the best choice as it provides a continuation of the friendly rivalry between the two trainees and the K vs. G battle, but probably won't garner any xenophobic complaints due to his ethnicity.
However, while Matthew's the one that gets the PD pick comments the most often, Yujin and Zhang Hao are pretty much on the same levels as him in that regard so I can see Mnet being happy with any one of them ranking 2nd.
What is your guys' opinion?
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2023.03.24 23:59 brianboko Memcard Pro Save Game Exploits (Swiss)

Hello everyone. I was curious if anyone has tried to perform a homebrew boot savegame exploit with a Memcard Pro yet and been successful. I got mine today and have been attempting it but haven't been able to get it to work.
I'm using smash brothers and created a virtual memory card on the memcard pro.
I then took the sd card out and opened it in my pc.
Used dolphin memory card manager to open the virtual memory card and loaded the exploited save game as well as the pre-built gci boot version of swiss included in the latest release (r1420)
I then put the sd card back in the memcard pro and verified in the gamecube memory card manager that the boot dol and exploited save are on the card.

However, when I boot smash bros and use the exploit (go to vs name entry), the game crashes and the gamecube restarts back into the regular gamecube IPL where it re-loads into smash brothers after the classic childhood-nostalgia inducing gamecube boot screen.
Wondering if anyone has had success or other insight into attempting what I am attempting. Thanks!
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2023.03.24 23:45 Gloomy_Lengthiness71 Question for the Raider history buffs:

I'm a big fan of alternate or "what-if" history. Years ago, somebody wrote a alternate history of the Cleveland Browns becoming this ridiculously dominant dynasty into the 21st century titled 'The Dawg Pound Dynasty'. This one isn't quite like that but it's a question I often pondered particularly about the 1983 NFL draft. Before the draft, the Raiders had attempted to do some elaborate 3-way trade to get John Elway but it fell through. During the 83 draft, the Raiders picked C Don Mosebar. Right after they picked, the Dolphins had the next pick and used it on Dan Marino. What if... the Raiders decided to draft Dan Marino? Marino was never on their radar so how does he get on their radar?... Better yet, how many super bowls to the Raiders go to in the 1980's with Marino as their QB? Most of all, does Marino's relationship with Al eventually sour like with Kenny Stabler and Marcus Allen?
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2023.03.24 23:36 Templar828 21+ [M4F] [Discord] LF Longterm RP Partner for OC Stories! Worldbuilding enthusiasts welcome.

Hello there!

I am a 29-year-old guy in the US East time zone who has been Roleplaying for quite a few years now and greatly enjoy creating a story with someone. My hope is to find someone who enjoys crafting a story just for the fun of it! Preferably someone who also doesn't mind a bit of OOC banter or chatting as I enjoy the penpal side of things. I find that being able to have some casual conversation with someone helps add to the longevity of a roleplay. You know that chemistry you can have in an RP where your partner writes out a reply and you find yourself surprised or busting a gut? Doesn't always happen, but it is nice if it does!
I will admit to having about average skill level when it comes to writing. I love worldbuilding and creating characters but still have a healthy amount of learning to do in order to improve myself. As for what kind of stores I like to RP, I am good for anything really. Fantasy, Sci Fi, and Apocalypse-style settings are all ones I am comfortable with. I'll post some examples of ideas I have been rolling in my head but I am open to try anything!

Prompt Ideas

One idea could be a novice necromancer being shown the errors of his ways by a zealous warrior priestess. In reality the necromancer is not all that much of a bother to the village located near him, he is just self-centered and wishes to be left alone. Fate however, has seen fit to intervene. The cleric could be a veteran member of the Order, long experienced in hunting down the enemies of her Goddess and bringing them to justice. Upon confronting the necromancer and finding him to be relatively harmless and benign, she ends up deciding that penance via service is more suitable. How would he serve? Why, by assisting her on her quests of course. Or maybe the holy warrior is newly minted and brimming with righteous enthusiasm to reform all evil-doers, and takes him into her custody to transport him back to a temple.
Or a story about a prince and one of his personal guard. Resigned to the fate of sacrificing any chance at love for the political well-being of his kingdom, he is only able to reveal his sorrow when he thinks no one is watching. However, one of his protectors notices. Is the kingdom falling and the guard has to whisk him away? Does she kidnap the princeling to protect him from his own family and fate, only to take him for herself? Maybe she is appreciative of the service he provides to his people, and so she decides to take charge and provide the occasional comfort she could, only for things to spiral out of control into a deeper relationship.
Another idea is about a human living in a post-apocalyptic world encountering a creature or entity that needs humanity to survive. She could be a vampire or some eldritch being that feeds on human blood, and so needs to help keep her food source alive. Something that would be easy if he wasn't so damn crafty in his efforts to elude her.
If you notice a bit of a common theme with these, then imaginary cookie for you! I do enjoy my strong and dangerous ladies though I am more than willing to play out any kind of roles or relationship, these are just a few ideas rolling around in my head at the moment and they are intentionally left a bit open-ended. After all, I would very much like to get my partners input to come up with something we would both enjoy! Now for the disclaimer portion of this post!

My Requests

  • Please be 21+ at a minimum
    I am open to smut being included in the RPs and just find that things go smoother when the age gaps are closer.
  • Real life comes first.
    I am a working professional with a job and sometimes life will take priority. However, I will always communicate when things get busy or in the way, you will never get radio silence for days on end unless I get hit by a bus or something. Which introduces my next point!
  • Willing to communicate.
    Whether you would like to take a break or are just having some writers block, a heads up would be appreciated! Please don't disappear for a month and expect to pick right back up. I tend to give a notice if I am not going to be able to reply for a day+ but don't expect or demand that of others.
  • OC characters preferred to using established ones
    I generally prefer to create an original story vs using established plotlines or characters. Using established settings to then create our own characters, or combining elements from multiple settings is just fine!
  • 3rd person writing perspective
    This is a hard requirement as I struggle with first person POV posting. Habits are hard to break!
*Please contribute to plot development
Ideally replies are meaty enough to allow the scene to go on without relying primarily on one person to carry the weight of making the plot move forward. Lengthwise I tend to write at least three paragraphs for my replies, but it depends on the situation of the RP. Conversation heavy portions? I will opt for shorter replies. A combat scene? Might as well make yourself your beverage of choice, I tend to go overboard.

Final Note

Okay, so those are now out of the way! Really I am quite relaxed when it comes to RP, just want to find someone that enjoys creating a story as much as I do and doesn't mind bouncing around ideas for the story or asking for input on a few character ideas I have. If you have a question about anything, please ask! I am always happy to answer and will never fault anyone for wanting to clear up any uncertainty.
If this post interests you please feel free to shoot me a DM.I am terrible at checking Reddit Chat I look forward to creating something with you!
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2023.03.24 23:31 SuperDooperPicks 3 Unit Play

Wizards -8 vs Spurs (-115) 3 Units *Best # on BetMGMWizards at home still in striking distance of play-in spot after losing 4 in a row to great teams and surging Magic on the road. Get right blowout against a disinterested injury-riddled Spurs team hoping to land #1 pick.
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2023.03.24 23:16 byeboomerdinos 10 reasons why KT can defeat T1

1) tons of T1 fans have expressed false E for KT in the hope of jinxing them, but they can sense false E, which has a backfiring effect, giving KT extra strength.
2) T1 has not played any playoff games yet, and KT has already played a bo5 in R1 where they powered up, making themselves stronger.
3) KT did not 3-0 sandbox. they won 3-1 in a somewhat unconvincing way, which prevents E / expectations, yet at the same time they didn't look bad.
4) T1 might be overconfident / assume they will win, which is a very dangerous thing to do against KT.
5) Kiin might go super saiyan and literally 1v9
6) KT might have saved some secret counter / pocket / flex picks just for this bo5
7) all the casters and analysts will undoubtedly predict T1 to win, which makes KT way, way stronger.
8) KT will have the telecom war buff (T1 will too of course but equalizing the scales might be better for KT)
9) KT is 0-2 vs T1 in the regular split. this will make them stronger in a bo5 as evidenced in the HLE vs DK series.
10) KT fans are not E for KT.
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2023.03.24 23:02 MeepTheChangeling Making a Fallout 2d20 game in an alt timeline, could use some help.

Hello, I'll keep this brief. I've been asked to run a fallout game by my gaming group, but they want a game in an AU where their characters decisions from the videogames happened. I agreed, under the stipulation that everyone pick one game, one ending from it, and dictate what their character did with the rest of their life.
Between everyone, we've got every fallout game covered except New Vegas. Now, I'm an older gal, but Interplay's Fallout games were a long long time ago in a town far far away for me. I'd like some help brushing up this timeline. Preferably by someone who isn't a part of my group just to get some different perspectives. See, the thing about picking endings is everything that comes after that game can change... I want to make sure that everything I've done is logical.
For this AU the events of Fallout, Fallout 2, Tactics, 3, New Vegas, and 4 occur. Some of 76's background elements can happen no problem (Huntington's mutants for example) but uh... Skyrim dragons do not belong here. As for Fallout: BoS, that game can and should go die in a tire fire so it's 100% non-existent.
Fallout 1: Cathedral destroyed super mutants flee east. Necropolis' water pump is fixed, the Followers take the Boneyard, Tandi leads the NCR (Player post-game idea: the Vault Dweller becomes the NCR's personal hero / brute squad), Junktown becomes a trading center and resort thanks to Gizmo, Rhombus retains leadership of the BoS (Player post-game idea: NCR manages to fully integrate them as a major branch of their military), the Hub prospers, Kahns are wiped out / driven off, Vault Dweller spares the Overseer.
As the foundation this dosn't change too much, but given the baseline canon ending has the BoS help out the NCR a bit and give them some tech it's not a stretch to assume if the Vault Dweller stuck around with the NCR, as a person both factions highly respected, they could convince the two sides to join forces formally. We're moving ahead under the assumption the NCR has the BoS as part of their nation and as an equivalent to their Marine corps.
Inorder for Fallout 2 to happen, some time after serving as the NCR's go-to guy, the Vault Dweller retired and founds Arroyo.
Tactics: (Player post-game idea: The Warrior sacrifices themselves personalty to repair the Calculator rather than any other squad member. Dosnt' change the ending, but noble and shit.) In essence, all of the nation-scale problems in the mid-west are solved by the now properly functioning pre-war supercomputer. No longer mistaking wasters for Chinese troops, it fires off its terraformer and retasks its robots to helping people. The Mid-West chapter of the BoS join it (since it is now controlled by one of their own) and the mid-west becomes a major super power.
This is a big one. Basically all of Colorado is ecologically FINE post-tactics if you get the good ending. Healthy plant life dosnt just stick in one spot, it spreads. Quickly. This vastly accelerates the recovery time of America. In canon it's believed the US will be largely habitable again by 2377. This would push that to 2250. It wouldn't take care of the rads, but plants and animals would be abundant once more, making for more food... for humans, mutants, and monsters. IE this just makes the world greener and more deadly since now there's way more prey for predators which, ya know, makes populations boom.
Fallout 2: (Player post-game idea: The Intelligent Deathclaws are saved, the Arroyo survivors are integrated with them in Vault 13. the GECK is used there instead, making a second Vault City. As per the cut-ending for this outcome, the Desert Rangers begin having deathclaws join their ranks.), there is peace between Modoc and the Slags, the Den becomes a major slaver hub, Vault City joins the NCR, Bishops take control of New Reno and joins the NCR, Gecko is enslaved, Redding annexed by Vault City (and consequently taken into the NCR), Broken Hills is saved (Player idea: The uranium mine doesn't run out any time soon, so Marcus and co remain there through the events of Fallout 3), the NCR becomes a major power in the West Coast (Given their BoS partnership, they become a proper superpower in wasteland terms once Vault City is obtained), Vault 15 is purged and claimed by the NCR as a military base, the Shi flourish.
This makes the NCR into a major superpower, able to begin manufacturing most things it could want. This has drastic consequences for New Vegas' storyline as the Legion is no match for an NCR that can deploy large numbers of power armored troops and would be 100% needing the water from the dam due to its now quite large population. Thus the legion element of the New Vegas story would simply not happen (Primitive tribals who refuse to use technology do not win a battle at a narrow choke point against tech 2000 years more advanced than what they have. Yes, yes, yes, Rorke's Drift happened, but that was 10,000 spears vs 500 cloth covered dudes with single-shot breach loaders in a mostly open area. Not maybe 3,000 spears vs 500 power armors and Gatling lasers at a choke point.) We can assume that most of California and a good chunk of the west coast falls to the NCR and becomes a place that's not shitty to live in by the time of Fallout NV.
New Vegas: Can't happen as it does in the games at this point. The NCR would have taken the Mojave much sooner simply to get access to the Hoover Dam, which thanks to Tactics would be attached to a mostly full of pure-water Lake Mead. So it's not just hydro-electric power at stake here but also clean drinking water, which the NCR would need a LOT of. The main focus of NV would need to be the platinum chip, Mr. House, and him trying to gain independence for the Strip from a major wasteland superpower. Powerful as securitrons are... I don't see them being that effective vs the NCR with brotherhood assistance, especially since the NCR either wouldn't have come into conflict with the Mojave chapter at all, or have quickly purged them, since the original BoS is with the NCR. But maybe House pulls it off? He is a genius, and he would have the Courier with him, who without the Legion-NCR war probably never got shot by Benny, likely delivered the chip on time, was probably quickly found by Ulysses, and might want to help House out of guilt for blowing up the divide after they learn about that.
Fallout 3: The Lone Wanderer adds the FEV to Project Purity and Raven Rock is not destroyed, (Player and DM idea: Fawkes turns Project Purity on without protest because he's not an asshole and doesn't want his friend to fucking die.), the not-Necronomicon is never retrieved from Cult Lady because the LW doesn't want to go to Dueling Banjos land, (Player post-game idea: Mothership Zeta is damaged during the fight with the other mothership. LW wins the fight, but MZ is going down. It crashes in the northern part of the Capital Wasteland, destroying most of it because, you know, basically a meteorite strike. The survivors claim the wreck as a new city, but exhile LW after hearing they are responsible for the crash. the BoS take the LW in as a formal member, then take over the new Zeta City to keep the advanced tech out of waster hands.)
Oh boy this needs all kinds of tweaks... There wouldn't be BoS Outcasts. Elder Lyon's ideals are what the main chapter of the BoS would have due to their NCR alliance. If anything, all the advanced toys and military hardware in the capitol would likely have the BoS go rogue to get back to pre-NCR ways... while remaining loyal and explaining the zone was anarchy incarnate and there was a potential for some local warlord to find a "Fire the second wave of nukes!" button. Hence, the BoS would likely be doing all they could to hoard tech... on top of assuming the Master was back and active in the area... somehow. Seriously, Bethesda, the BoS know what super mutants are and who made them. They wouldn't have forgotten Fallout 1 and would likly assume the Master SOMEHOW came back since he was a horrifying blob mutant that merged with machinery and, you know, brains in jars and sapient computers exist in this world.
With Raven Rock not destroyed, the Enclave keeps existing. GM idea, the Enclave makes a power play and takes control of both Zeta City and the East Coast BoS, because they are lead by a ZAX-mainframe based AI and humans just don't get to out-play the plans of something that intelligent... Especially when all it wants is for them to join a quite similar faction for the good of the people. Which means Fallout 4's BoS is realy the Enclave with a new coat of paint pretending they don't exist, as they are want to do but now having the ability to deploy power armored forces overtly without blowing their veil of secrecy.
Fallout 4: As per Player request, this is nothing like the canon game: The Soul Survivor was a synth recreation of Shawn's mother... who was lesbian married to a gay guy so they could cover for each other and thus NOT be found out and vanished to be used for something like the Robobrain project. Their kid was adopted, so the SS isn't very attached to Shawn having only had him for a few weeks and only remembering the cliff notes of her pre-war life. Hence, she kind of forgets they existed and just builds a fuckton of towns (Lets be honest... that's how most of us played F4). Then raiders attack one of her towns. So she kills them all. Like, all of them all of them. After becoming the defacto Queen of the Commonwealth she's approached by Shawn for his whole plan (he has no idea she doesn't give a SHIT about him and believed she assumed he was dead). The SS agrees to join with the institute because having AC is infinitely better than NOT having AC and in her opinion all of these wasteland leaders are idiots and deserved getting replaced. This lines up with the BoS (or rather stealthed Enclave) arriving, a war is had, the BoS mostly looses bot retains control over the southern half of the Commonwealth because they have a Giant Robot and the SS does not, the SS becomes the Director but Shawn lives because she jabs him with Curie's cure because... she didn't give a shit about that 12 year old. the SS, being a Synth is actually immortal (that's canon. G3 Synths don't age.) and thus becomes the Forever Queen who... mostly just makes her towns nicer and nicer with institute tech and gets into border wars with the not-Enclave.
I'd love general feedback on this. Especially small details I could have overlooked and anything major that's just nonsense. Our game will be about 20 years after Fallout 4 so this is meant to give me an idea of what the world is like before I build a Texas Wasteland.
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2023.03.24 22:57 WarWolf343 Nick Lowe on the amount of letters he gets regarding OMD.

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2023.03.24 22:29 Economy-Nail495 Is there a perfect amount of talking from a yoga instructor?

I had a chatty yoga instructor yesterday. She was providing a lot of analogies about how our bodies pick up a lot of tension throughout our days. I appreciate everything that I learned but I felt slightly annoyed since we were doing yin. I enjoyed the session and I am thankful nonetheless. I would like to know everyones perspective on this. Do you prefer an instructor that has a lot to say vs not ? A lot to say meaning more than just cues and instructions. I am just curious because I would like to one day be an instructor.
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2023.03.24 22:25 newtmad My boyfriend (30M) wants me to take an OP out against my family!!!! (28F)

My boyfriend and I welcomed a baby in January. He wasn't planned, but gosh, I love him and always wanted to have kids. I couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect baby. Unfortunately everyone loves him a lot and it's started causing huge family issues. The other part of the problem is that my family has never liked my boyfriend, so I'll state that now. To briefly explain, they didn't like him from first sight. He's very different, he grew up on a farm and we're all big city suburb people. They've always thought he was a mooch and that he isn't good enough for me. Boyfriend bought all the groceries throughout my pregnancy and paid his end of the bills up until February.
A few months before the baby, my boyfriend had bought a house at auction to rehab for us to either live in or resell. My emergency C-section greatly changed the way my (too short already) maternity leave panned out and it put a lot of pressure on my boyfriend (BF from here on out). BF already needed counseling, but got pushed kind of to the edge. He was having worse PPD symptoms than I was and didn't really have any resources for support. He didn't end up working on the house at all, between trying to help me with everything and I guess trying to make sure I didn't have my family over to see the baby. He asked me not to have them at our apartment as they have always treated him disrespectfully, I tried to set up meetings with them to get ice cream and stuff and they repeatedly declined. If BF is there, they didn't want in. I wished everyone could have mad nice for my son. Then right at the end of my leave, BF and I got into a bit of an argument and I felt we needed to separate for the night. Long story short, I called my brother who lives at home for an assist. He showed up with my dad and ended up getting into a physical altercation with BF when he wouldn't let them come in. This resulted in our landlord asking my boyfriend to leave our apartment but he said I could stay. I was devastated and didn't want to, rushed to get the bills cut off and now I regret it. Went to stay with my family because I don't have a lot of money and needed to go somewhere, I thought I would be comfortable there for awhile to save up money and never said I didn't want to work to get my family back together (BF, me, baby).
For awhile, before I moved stuff out of my apartment to a storage unit, I was trying to use it as a safe place for me and BF to spend time with our son. I knew he wasn't supposed to be there but we weren't trying to cause trouble and were keeping a low profile. The house BF is staying at/supposed to be working on still doesn't have the water or heat hooked up because someone stole the copper piping before it's purchase, and my brother and dad broke his rib in that fight so he hasn't been able to do that work yet. So a few weeks ago, BF had asked to spend the night with both of us over the weekend. I decided the apartment was the best vs. a motel, I had to get stuff packed up anyway. Things were going well, his friend came over with some tequila and visited with us and the baby. *I want to note that I enjoy a drink, but I would never get too drunk where it's unsafe for my son.* I was relaxed after having so much stress in my life, so I went a little heavy on the drinking but BF had his stuff under control. I had called my parents to check in and they immediately told me I was too drunk and that they should come pick up the baby. I got nervous and complied, but messaged right after and said they didn't need to get the baby. They showed up unannounced and my dad urged me to give my baby to them for the night, I said no, and intended to stay another night there then have BF watch the baby while I was at work (usually it's my mom, that was the plan since before he was born). I get BF wants to spend time with our kid, he never gets to, so it just happened to be a situation where he could and I wanted to take advantage of that. Here's where the problem starts. My parents hang out outside for 2 ours I guess. During this, I hear them knocking on my downstairs neighbor's door and apparently they contacted my landlord to spill the beans about BF being at the apartment. My mom had contacted him once before at a restaurant he owns previously and I had told her I wasn't cool with it and it was a big overstep. I'm an adult, she has literally no business talking to him. SO landlord calls me in the morning while I'm at work, I wiggle my way out of that and promise he won't be around the apartment anymore even though I really needed help moving my stuff. I rush back at lunch and tell BF to get himself and the baby out, I didn't want him to be in more trouble. He said he might go visit his family's farm or maybe his grandma in the meantime since the house he's working on still needs all that work. My parents both start sending me messages at work because they think he brought the baby back to the house that needs work. They say they will call the cops in 30 mins, then ten. I'm a receptionist so I'm trying to answer phones and accommodate people in my lobby. I told them to reach out to BF and they refuse. Eventually I'm just like you know what, if they do call the cops, I shouldn't be worried I'm the mom, he's with his dad, and even if they were having to hang out there, I trust BF would make sure he is safe and comfortable. So I call the nonemergency police and explain what's going on. My dad had already called so they add my name to the welfare check ticket and ended up calling me to tell me no one was at that house. Turns out BF went to visit his grandma with the baby and everything was fine. Neither of my parents bothered to contact him. I told them that I was traumatized from all this and felt that they were harassing me at work, and that calling the police was not okay. They seemed to understand. Yesterday, baby had his two month check up, I took the rest of the day off so we could spend time with BF as a family afterwards. We ended up going back to the house that's being fixed up for a few hours after dinner and running errands. We were just going to hang out, have a beer together, but the baby ended up getting fussy from his vaccine and I ended up being there later than expected. My parents call to check in, they ask if I had been drinking and demand to pick up the baby. I say no, but agree that buzzed driving with him isn't okay. BF doesn't want to deal with it and tells me to leave, I ask if I can just sleep there. He's got water jugs and formula, the baby is safe there for the night and was sleeping at this point. Low and behold, the cops show up and ask us to prove we have water, heat, electricity. He shows them his bills for each. My parents are there too, my mom tried to come on the property and they told her she has to go. Probably the same cops who I ha talked to on the phone, they apologize and BF asks what he can do because they call the cops every time he tries to spend time with his own kid, they say he can file an OP. We sleep there, baby actually slept so well, and I go to work today. Neither parent contacted me after they left with the cops. BF calls to tells me that my parents must have reported us to DCFS. He heard knocking and by the time he got to the door, a lady was walking away with a clipboard and a guy with a security shirts. Baby was great when I went on lunch, BF took him to his mom's place and we are going to spend the night there but I have to go to my parents after work to get clothes for the baby and myself. He asked me if I would take out an OP against my family, I really don't want to do that but they are being too extreme. It's really effecting me adversely mentally. Like I'm afraid that if I go back to stay at their place as I had planned to do for awhile, they won't ever let my baby out of their house again. I am the mother, what I say should go, I don't want to put him in danger and he hasn't been. They are making it hard for me to communicate and I admittedly have been drinking more than I even want to when I'm out because I'm so so stressed. I just wish everyone could try to play nice when they have to communicate with each other for my son's sake and that my parents would trust me with my own child. I am smart, I have a good job and college degree, I'm just going through a hard time and this pressure is making me crack a bit. I don't want to cut anyone out of my child's life and would love for my mom to continue being his primary childcare for awhile longer. The house BF bought isn't ready yet but I do ultimately want to try to be a family there, but my parents are trying to make that impossible!
Please give me some insight and advice. I told my mom I want to talk about stuff once I'm more well rested and have hat I want figured out.
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2023.03.24 22:18 CSGOMatchThreads Heroic vs Natus Vincere / ESL Pro League Season 17 - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion

Heroic 🇩🇰 0-2 🇺🇦 Natus Vincere

Anubis: 13-16 Inferno: 8-16 Overpass

Map picks:

Heroic MAP Natus Vincere
Vertigo X
X Ancient
Mirage X
X Nuke

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇩🇰 Heroic
🇩🇰 stavn 42-38 84.2 71.7% 1.15
🇩🇰 TeSeS 30-34 66.5 67.9% 0.98
🇩🇰 jabbi 36-38 69.2 66.0% 0.91
🇩🇰 cadiaN 28-42 77.9 62.3% 0.86
🇩🇰 sjuush 32-43 62.0 60.4% 0.80
🇺🇦 Natus Vincere
🇺🇦 s1mple 46-30 97.7 67.9% 1.44
🇺🇦 npl 39-37 84.8 69.8% 1.13
🌍 electroNic 41-37 83.8 71.7% 1.12
🌍 Perfecto 35-31 65.5 79.2% 1.05
🇺🇦 b1t 34-35 77.8 75.5% 1.02

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Anubis

Team CT T Total
🇩🇰 Heroic 8 5 13
🇺🇦 Natus Vincere 7 9 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇩🇰 Heroic
🇩🇰 stavn 24-20 83.0 75.9% 1.18
🇩🇰 cadiaN 20-21 86.0 69.0% 1.10
🇩🇰 TeSeS 16-16 63.5 75.9% 1.05
🇩🇰 jabbi 22-21 78.5 69.0% 0.99
🇩🇰 sjuush 17-22 62.9 62.1% 0.83
🇺🇦 Natus Vincere
🇺🇦 s1mple 25-17 95.4 65.5% 1.47
🌍 electroNic 24-21 83.4 65.5% 1.09
🌍 Perfecto 21-19 70.6 79.3% 1.08
🇺🇦 npl 20-22 77.2 62.1% 1.02
🇺🇦 b1t 10-21 56.0 62.1% 0.63

Anubis detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Inferno

Team T CT Total
🇩🇰 Heroic 7 1 8
🇺🇦 Natus Vincere 8 8 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇩🇰 Heroic
🇩🇰 stavn 18-18 85.7 66.7% 1.12
🇩🇰 TeSeS 14-18 70.2 58.3% 0.92
🇩🇰 jabbi 14-17 58.0 62.5% 0.83
🇩🇰 sjuush 15-21 61.0 58.3% 0.76
🇩🇰 cadiaN 8-21 68.2 54.2% 0.58
🇺🇦 Natus Vincere
🇺🇦 b1t 24-14 104.1 91.7% 1.54
🇺🇦 s1mple 21-13 100.5 70.8% 1.41
🇺🇦 npl 19-15 94.0 79.2% 1.26
🌍 electroNic 17-16 84.1 79.2% 1.17
🌍 Perfecto 14-12 59.2 79.2% 1.02

Inferno detailed stats and VOD



M1 s1mple - 1vs3 clutch
M2 electroNic - 1vs2 MAC10 clutch
M2 b1t - 1vs2 clutch
ESL Pro League Season 17 / Information, Schedule, & Discussion This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.03.24 22:15 trwowawayy Season 2 Episode 7

Another super strong episode of battles!
Geoff McBride vs. Sera Hill: Another incredibly fun battle to watch! They both absolutely nailed it, though it was pretty obvious to me that Sera was going to win, even if Geoff stood his ground for sure, so it’s also not surprising that the coaches were quite split here as well.
Charlotte Sometimes vs. Lex Land: Not about the battle, but holy cow Charlotte was so cocky and I know she has the stuff to back it up but she definitely thinks she’s the greatest lol. Pretty even overall, but I’m gonna go with Charlotte still.
Juliet Simms vs. Sarah Golden: Super cool rock battle that we just don’t get to see much nowadays! I enjoyed it quite a lot for sure, even if Sarah really never had a chance in my mind. Gosh I miss hard rock on the voice.
Kim Yarbrough vs. Whitney Myer: Super awesome soulful battle that just makes you feel cool to listen to it! I felt like both of them did an excellent job but I definitely think Adam picked Kim as the winner correctly.
Lee Koch vs. Lindsey Pavao: It kinda feels like Lee didn’t do much during this battle, Lindsey really stole the show. All in all, this battle felt a little shaky and pitchy throughout, and I thought it really wasn’t that good.
Jamie Lono vs. Jamie Rogers: Holy cow this one was awesome. Super even the entire way through, and it wasn’t until the very end that I was able to tell who I thought was winning. They really did such an amazing job and in the end, I think that CeeLo made the right choice sending Jamar through.
Best Battle So Far: Anthony Evans vs. Jesse Campbell
Best Battle this Episode: Jamie Lono vs. Jamar Rogers
Current Winner Pick: I’m still holding out for Jermaine’s battle but of the people who have battled in these 2 episodes, I’m gonna go with Tony Lucca just barely still.
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2023.03.24 22:13 TeamVegas780 Possible RB Landing Spots & Draft Captial for 2023 NFL Draft

At this point, we have no idea when most of the 2023 RBs will be taken off the board, with the exception of Bijan (1st) and maybe Gibbs (2nd). As many people have pointed out, the RB position has started to lose value in the eyes of NFL teams and RBs are not expected to be drafted as high as they used to be. Combined with the glut of 27-29 year old RBs still leading NFL backfields, the growth of RB committees, and the deep incoming RB draft class, we are looking at a lot of uncertainty coming into the 2023 draft.
This year, NFL teams may decide to take an RB 1 round later than they used to because they know the same RB, or an RB of similar caliber, will be available at a later pick. While this strategy will probably work out well for the NFL teams, it could really test the mental fortitude of the Dynasty community when it is time for Rookie Drafts.
We have been taught time and time again that RBs with day 3 draft capital run the risk of being replaced in the next draft. Even if a team selects an RB in the 4th round to be used the same way a 3rd round RB is used, we will still never have faith that they will hold onto their backfield the next year. This is the reason why all of our butts will be clinched tight during the 2nd day of the NFL Draft.
Looking at current NFL backfields, we can try to guess how many new RBs will land in the golden range. The two different groups of NFL teams that are most likely to take an RB this year are either (1.) Teams with aging RB1s and/or RB1s that might get traded or cut for cap space, and (2.) Teams that have Jags for RBs.

Group 1 - Old RB1 Group 2 JAGS
Titans (Henry. Age: 29. Trade Rumors and no good backup.) Falcons (AllgeiePatterson. 5th Round Draft Pick & 32 Yr. Old.)
Bengals (Mixon. Age 26. Potential Cut Candidate for Cap Hit.) Cowboys (Pollard. 4th round draft pick that is only guaranteed 1 year with the team.)
Vikings (Cook. Age 27. Trade Rumors and Cut Candidate.) Bucs (R. White. Late 3rd round draft pick. Fournette was just released.)
Chargers (Eckler. Age 27. Trade Rumors and no good backup.) Dolphins (Mostert/Wilson. Ages 30 & 27. Both on Two-Year Deals worth under $14 million combined.)
Browns (Chubb. Age 27. No good backup.) Bears (K. Herbert/Foreman. I am on the fence on whether they will draft another RB after signing Foreman, but they have so many picks in rounds 2-3.)
Cardinals (Conner. Age 27. No good backup.) Eagles (Penny/Gainwell. Injury concerns for Penny. Gainwell 5th Round.)
A few teams that could be wild cards for RB picks include Saints (Kamara/Jamaal), Kansas City (Pacheco/CEH), LA Rams (Akers possibly still recovering from injury), Houston (Peirce/Singletary), Bills (Harris/Cook), Denver (Javontae recovering from ACL), and the Patriots (Rhamondre/JRob). However, I did not include these teams in my predictions because they have either made moves to sure up their backfields, or because they seem okay to go into next season with who they already have.
With the 12 teams listed, there are a total of 11 picks in Round 2 and 13 picks in Round 3. I am leaving Round 1 off this list, but just assume someone takes Bijan in the 1st. I have also included the first half of Round 4 as a warning to what teams might wait to the 4th to grab a guy like the Texans did with Damien Pierce last year (4th Round 2nd pick). Any picks in the back half of Round 4 or later do not really matter in this breakdown because nobody in the back of the 4th or later will be selected by a team with the intention to take over a backfield.
Round 2: Round 3: Round 4 (4.01-4.16):
Pick 34 Cardinals Pick 64 Bears Pick 103 Bears
Pick 41 Titans Pick 66 Cardinals Pick 105 Cardinals
Pick 44 Falcons Pick 72 Titans Pick 110 Falcons
Pick 50 Bucs Pick 74 Browns Pick 113 Falcons
Pick 51 Dolphins Pick 75 Falcons
Pick 53 Bears Pick 82 Bucs
Pick 54 Chargers Pick 84 Dolphins
Pick 58 Cowboys Pick 85 Chargers
Pick 60 Bengals Pick 87 Vikings
Pick 61 Bears Pick 90 Cowboys
Pick 62 Eagles Pick 92 Bengals
Pick 94 Eagles
Pick 96 Cardinals
If my theory about NFL RB trends is correct, RBs will generally be drafted later than they have been the last few years. In 2020, 2021 and 2022, some of the 2nd Round RBs that were seemingly drafted to take over a backfield were taken at Picks 35 (Swift& Javontae), 36 (Breece), 41 (WalkeTaylor), 52 (Akers), and 55 (Dobbins).
Outside of Gibbs or maybe Charbonnet, I do not see many RBs in the 23 class that will be taken in the early/mid 2nd Round. Unlike the 2022/2021 classes, the 2023 class has a lot of RBs in the same tier to choose from, and all the teams with picks in Round 2 also have picks in Round 3. Furthermore, there are not multiple RBs fighting for the #1 spot like in 2020, but a top dawg (Bijan), a tier down to Gibbs, and then a large 3rd tier of players. If another RB gets more buzz going into the draft, they might be taken earlier in the 2nd, but as of now I do not see many RBs going in the first half of the 2nd Round.
I am predicting that End of Round 2/ Beginning of Round 3 will be the MEAT and POTATOES of this class. I am not going to try to guess which RBs are taken by what team, but the teams listed above with picks 34-54, that decide to pass on a 2nd Round caliber RB because the position is so deep, also have picks in the 3rd. I would be shocked if we see less than 3 RBs go in picks 58-75.
The beginning of Round 4 may change the way we value 4th round RBs. As stated above, Damien Pierce was selected as the 2nd pick in the 4th round. While we did not know it at the time, he was able to take over the Houston backfield immediately and seems to have a good chance to survive this upcoming draft as RB1 of the Texans (barring another ETN/JRob draft decision). Since there are 3 of my targeted teams with picks in the early 4th (Falcons have 2 picks), I am guessing that one of the teams will hold out and try getting a talented prospect (that would usually go round 3) in the 4th. If this happens, I will NOT be scared to take this RB in my rookie draft because I believe this is the direction the NFL is heading, all the previous statistics about 4th Round Draft Busts be damned to hell.
Conclusion: After looking at the teams who are most likely to select a RB, and looking at the pick each team has, My final prediction is that 1 RB is taken in the 1st (Bijan), 3 RBs are taken in the 2nd (Gibbs in early/mid 2nd, 2 other RBs at the very end of Round 2), 3 RBs are taken in the 3rd Round and 1 RB is taken at the top of the 4th, but will still have a good shot at hitting like a day 2 back.
Disclaimer: This post, while made using some basic logic and applied to real facts about the NFL Draft, may be biased by my desire for a great RB class. I own the 1.03, 1.06, 1.07, 1.09 and 2.03 in this upcoming draft and my best RBs are Dobbins, Penny and Allgeier. I desperately hope this class hits.
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2023.03.24 22:03 Key-Piece-3206 Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonus Guide

Originally posted in lunchmoney


This is a method that goes over how you can make $5,000 - $10,000 risk-free by signing up for new user bonuses with various regulated sportsbooks (earnings depend on your location). Because I am in Canada, I will cover the Ontario market, but if you live in other regulated areas you can still use 99% of this guide to learn how to make money on sportsbooks. I made another guide on Sports Betting Arbitrage here, where I show you have you can make $500 per day, risk-free. I have personally made over $25,000 from sports betting and will answer any questions you have in the comments!

Basics of Sports Betting

Here are some common sign-up bonuses, terms and conditions (T&Cs), and sports betting lingo:
Different Sign-Up Bonuses:
Common T&Cs:
*These are just a few confusing T&Cs. You must read the T&Cs of each promotion to ensure that you understand what the bonus entails because that could change your strategy to maximize each bonus!
Common Sports Betting Lingo:

Maximizing Winnings on Each Sportsbook

⭐⭐⭐ 888Sport - 100% First Deposit Match (up to $250) - Stake Not Returned
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bet365 - Bet $1 and Get $250 in Bet Credits - Stake Not Returned & Flex
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bet99 - 100% Matched Bonus on First Deposit (up to $500) – Stake Returned, Flex & 5x Roll
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Betano - 100% Matched Bonus on First Deposit (up to $500) – Stake Returned, Flex & 5x Roll
⭐⭐⭐ BetRivers - 2nd Chance Bet (up to $500) – Stake Not Returned
⭐⭐⭐⭐ BetVictor - 100% Matched Bonus on First Bet (up to $300) – Stake Not Returned & Flex
⭐⭐ Betway - 100% Matched Bonus on First Deposit (up to $200) – Stake Returned, Flex & 10x Roll*
⭐⭐⭐ Caesars - 2nd Chance Bet (up to $500) – Stake Not Returned
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DraftKings - Bet $5 and Get $200 in Bet Credits – Stake Not Returned & Semi-Flex
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fanduel - 2nd Chance Bet (up to $1,000) – Stake Returned & Flex
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LeoVegas - Cash Bonus on First Three Deposits (up to $500)
⭐⭐⭐ NorthStar Bets - 100% Matched Bonus on First Bet (up to $150) – Stake Not Returned
⭐⭐⭐ PartySports - 100% Matched Bonus on First Deposit (up to $100) – Stake Returned, Flex & 5x Roll
⭐⭐⭐⭐ PointsBet - 2nd Chance Bets (up to $1,000) – Stake Not Returned & Semi-Flex
⭐⭐⭐⭐ theScore Bet - 2nd Chance Bets (up to $500) – Stake Not Returned & Semi-Flex
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sports Interaction - 100% Matched Bonus on First Deposit (up to $1,000) – Stake Not Returned & Flex
⭐⭐⭐ Unibet - 2nd Chance Bet (up to $200) – with Stake Takeback
Summary: Summing all of these guaranteed profits up, you can get $6,437.50 by completing all of these sign-up bonuses! Many of these same sportsbooks also offer promotions for active users that you can use as well (reload bonuses, boosted odds, refer-a-friend promos, etc.) so you can continue making money once you have done the sign-up promotion.

Finding Odds

How the Previous Section Assumes that Odds Work: If the Lakers play the Warriors and the Warriors moneyline is +100 on Fanduel, and since the Warriors will win 50% of the time (based on those odds) then the Lakers will also win 50% of the time. Because of this, based on expected payoffs, we assume Fanduel will have the Lakers moneyline at +100.
How Odds Actually Work: Fanduel obviously wants to make money, so if they put the Warriors at +100, they will put the Lakers at -150 to give Fanduel a nice chunk called a spread. This is inevitable in the sports betting industry because sportsbooks need to make money. Assuming the spreads are 20% (which is like a tax on each bet), instead of making the original $6,437.50 from the sign-up bonuses, you will only make $5,150.00, meaning you would lose $1,287.50 if you took that 20% spread!
How can we Save the 20% Tax: Software! Odds change every second of the day and after months of searching for odds manually, a very inefficient and time-consuming task, I finally found a tool called OddsJam. OddsJam screens millions of odds per second on hundreds of sportsbooks, including all the sportsbooks I’ve mentioned above. Using the OddsJam platform has saved me thousands of dollars and is the reason I was able to make so much off sign-up bonuses.
If you decide to start harvesting bonuses on sportsbooks, using OddsJam is a must and you can use my link and promo code “Firebet” at checkout for 25% lifetime discount (to ensure you get the discount, press on my link before signing up and enter the promo code at checkout)! Remember, this software can increase your earnings from the signup bonuses by $1,287.50💵❗You can make even more if you use the arbitrage tool, which I cover in a different guide (linked here).

Example of Doing a Sign-Up Bonus

  1. Log into OddsJam and go to the Arbitrage Betting Tool (this tool comes with the industry plan)
  2. Once on the Arbitrage Betting tool, use the filters to find odds
  3. Find an opportunity on OddsJam and press the calculator to find how much to bet on each sportsbook
  4. Log into each sportsbook and place the bets!
  5. We have now completed part of our wagering requirements for Fanduel and Betano. We can repeat this process to harvest the sign-up bonus!
The Math Behind the Bets:

Why we Want to Lose our 1st Bet for "2nd Chance Bet" Offers

Why we Use Bet Credits on the Highest Possible Odds


Feel free to comment and ask questions below! Also, let me know if you want me to do any other betting guides!
*This document is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial / investment advice. Please read the T&Cs of each book to make sure you are complicit with their rules and your local regulators' laws. This guide is not intended for real money betting and it is only intended for adults. If you have a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER
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